April 19, 2011

Omgz - is the saying xD

Hey peoples! guess who it is...
Any ideas yet?
Its me Ethan! wooo! aren't you glad to see me? :D
I think i need a new banner... what do you think?
So anyways! Today i logged into stardoll, for the first time in like nearly 3 weeks!
Allot has been going on since i was gone.

I mean quite a lot.

And to start off this post i would like to say: omgz
Where do i start?!

Stardoll has new features, friends have come back! (i think you know who you are), people have sent me messages, friend request (grotty ones as you probably know. jokes) New stores out, new design for ROFL, people at ROFL posting again! and last, but not least. ok i am lost. lol xD
Man i should stop getting caught up with school stuff! But it is ok for me to do so because it is the easter holidays! YAY! So you will probably notice that i will be on more so thank god for that!

I love you all and am glad to see all of you again! :D

So now that i have started the post, lets head on to the daily funny junk! :D
I was roaming around my stardoll email, and i paused. For a very good reason.

Take a look at this:

PLEASE NOTE: People under age of 14 are not allowed. And none of these emails are in ownership of
myself, they are scam emails. Do not be offended as this has nothing to do, and never will be, about you people.

It says:
Carmela Priode - Naked Brown-hairied Teen Swallows Huge Meat revealed boardingschools
Hannah Dirago - Kelly Havel Sucks A Tool And Gulps Its Cum opposite clank cruelly
Teri Lahtinen - Nasty Brunette Plays With A Bid Green Dildo ball photography
Pearl Bebber - Drunken nut hotties exposing wet big boobs graver deep
Estela Cestari - Nasty brunette fills her hole with a rose toy pasty burned
Althea Ostergard - Redhead Shannon Fingering Her Tight Hole indian besides
Cheryl Malet - Sinful Cuties In Hot Lesbian Action Poolside gum abutted
Raymundo Hilke - Two Hot Teen Babes Fucked By An Ebony Chap cheating charles
Maryellen Carosiello - Busty Mature Brunette Poses And Masturbates apparelled lifepreserver
Richie Tranbarger - Hot Sexy Brunette Slut Screams With Pleasure displayed
Carly Culmer - Long Cock Shoots Its Load Over A Naked Blond mirror
AdultCR.com Adult ... - Your AdultCR.com Adult Chatroulette Password id UJ7FJ
Tad Mourad - Gorgeous 18yo Blond Beauty In Red Lingerie belongs
Ted Morla - Killer Teen Blonde Poses In Sexy Stockings frequent
Lon Kawulok - Lesbian Spitting On Girlfriend's Erect Clit served

Any ideas? What do you think? xD
There i no way i am opening any of those!
I dont remember sending something to someone! :L
It was randomly in my junk section! LOL You should have seen my face *vomit*
I honestly dont get people in todays society, and to even think that had anything to do with stardoll (yuck) lol :L

Oh and another thing:

Ahhh! Justin Bieber (as known as Justina Bible) has been haunting Stardoll! (OH CRAP) lol, everyone knows that nobody likes him, and sorry to say but this is what i think of him LOL:

Original Text:

Its all about following your dreams...

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is the inspiring true story and rare inside look at the rise of Justin from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet phenomenon to global super star culminating with a dream sold out show at the famed Madison Square Garden in 3-D.

My version:

It's all about failing your dreams...

Justina Bible: Always Say Never is the un-inspiring fake story and rare outside look at the dropping fame of Justina from junkyards in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet disgrace global fail path culminating with a disastrous sold out show at the un-famous dump, Madison Square Garden in 2-D.

Now thats more like it! LOL xD



    But about the emails.. what kind of sites have you been signing up to Ethan? :OOO jokes(:

    It doesnt have justin bieber all over the homepage for me? Shame! Haha ;D

  2. Frozta, you don't know how lucky you are. Seriously! Every time I log in all I see is the freak known as Justin Bieber (if that is his real name!)

  3. thank goodness it's not all over my homepage either o_e all his fans are a bunch of media-brainwashed crowd-following tweens. In my opinion atleast..

  4. @ Frozta
    Thanks Frozzy! :D
    hahaha! xD I have been joining many sites ;D jokes!
    Your lucky! Justin Bieber sucks! lol

    @ Mal Wayl
    I agree 100%! hahaha xD

    @ Autumn
    Its getting better by the second! xD
    With you all the way on that one Autumn! LOL xD


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