September 30, 2010


Lozzy's account has been sabotaged. I understand she gave the account to Jorja and Imi I thought they'd keep it as a legacy account and memorial to Lozzy's great time on stardoll and what she'd created, But no they sold it. Now some chick who never knew Lozzy has the account and Jorja and Imi are probably having with whatever the fuck she gave them for the account.

That was not a funny post but i'll have some up soon.

Mini is back Bitches.

September 11, 2010


Hey guys. Just letting ya know, this blog has been going
through a massive downfall... Ever since Lozzy left we
havn't been active as much, and we havn't been that
succesful. I havn't been able to write much as I have
been studying, and I don't always have enough time
/ internet to be finding funny things for the blog.
If you think you are active and funny enough to write for us,
please contact me through guestbook or email me at

Thanks a lot. We would really use your support atm, so please don't give us hatred on our inactivity, we already know and are trying to change that okay. Cheers... I mean .. Tables. xD

A Bit Overloaded... Literally..

The new story thing on stardoll has came.. and it's called
Mortal Kiss. I decided to have a look at it, so the loading
screen appeard. Is it me, or is there something odd
about this picture below...

You'd think it would stop at 100% right..?

Justine Bieber [:

PS: I will try to be more active in the future.. Cheers :)

September 03, 2010

immm back :D

heyyy im back! sorry about the long wait on things we promise we will get back into buisiness soon! but still
there is funny stuff on the way i promise you i will post tommorow because i have to go at the moment :]
-thanks Ethan

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