June 30, 2010

No medoll....

Where did my medoll go? NOOOOOO.....

Mini with red hair? YOUR OPINION NOW!

You Like?

Tick, ROFLING for "Love"
Tick Funny for "BLEH!"
And Tick Hilarious for "Eh, It's Fine."

~Your Lovable Gingaa Ninjaa Mini


I don't think this girl is really '16'....

[Click To Enlarge]

Bieber Baaang


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She's a brick house!

I was just logging on to Stardoll when I saw THIS sexy beast. No editing done.

Mm, she's mighty-mighty.... just lettin' it all hang out.
She's been chomping on children with Stephenie Meyer! Mm, kids with a side 'o ketchup!

And since when do we pick new writers without the whole team?

Welcome Ethan. :/


June 29, 2010

Mummy , Im scared of that man :(

Oh robert, You dirty little boy. Lol jk.

Why would stardoll publish this? It looks like he's just had a boner :/

I think it's becasue taylor just touched his ass.

What is he wearing anyway?!

My Pants are off.

We're coming to you with Live coverage of The 'My Pants are Off' Scandal, Here's what we first got of it...
Say's Unknown Idiot No.1
Say's Unknown Idiot No.2
Say's Known 'Stylish Fag'
Say's A "25" Year-Old Pedofile from America.

I decided to go see her Guestbook.
One Comment, From Stylish Fag Caught my eye, So I went to her guestbook.

And That Concludes our live coverage.

I'm Out, Mini

Mm, the diet of children. Yummy!

Yeah, I am not a die-hard fan of Twilight. I have read all the books. Lemme tell you, they are cheesy, annoying, and kinda stupid. Any of the writers who like it, SORRY. I hate the whole "soul mate" crap. "You should wait to marry your soul mate".
This is Stephenie Meyer at the Eclipse premier. (THE MOVIES ARE REPULSIVE!) Has she started eating children?
This is my meanest post yet. Wow, I'm awful. But seriously.... this is a mini-rofl.

Kinda scary, right? When I saw it, OMG. Wow.

June 28, 2010

Wink wink, Nudge nudge

New writer?... I'll leave you to ponder...
Could you be the next addition to the stardollROFL team?
Tell us why in a comment below this post,
See your name on our big banner!
-The SDR Team

Oh my! What a big horn you have!

I am fu­cking going to KILL mixpod. But when I do, promise not to call the cops.

Here's a sexy shirt I found. I named him Larry. (After Laurence! [Lozzy's male name.])

I sent Loz the playlist I wanted..... so it should be up soon, if MixPod doesn't screw her over.
And to be honest, the unicorn looks like me. I'm magical, right?

-Charlie (Neigh! I'm a unicorn!)


Haha, Oh my god xD I literally rofled when I saw the latest article in the stardollmagazine.
I don't know what inspired this chick, but WHAT THE HELL!?
I mean seriously, I didn't even have to draw on it, becasue it was hilarious enough, But it needed a kitteh-caption :D

It looks like she's about to drop a kid, LOOK AT HER?!
You can see the veins in her elbow aswel :( ewwwww!
Did everyone like the new layout? Guess what! You can comment under posts now :D, Silly Oldschool me, I forgot to change the template layout the the NEW one, so it had the right http for comments x)
See ya laterz! -Lozzy

Don't let the lightning get you down! But don't let it turn you into a crispy chicken.

Yep. It's lightning. My house just shook, and that's sayin' something.

Is it going to hail?

Maybe. I'm going to stand by the window and hope I don't turn into a french fry.

Hope I'm not dead tomorrow, eh?

Your un-crispy bitch,

What a doll..? :O

Heyy sorry, ove the past week I've had nothing to post about. But I've been looking :D
I'm a bit disapointed because I JUST realised tardoll had dieted down some of the 'over-sized' dolls. Like the first Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus ... :O They were like little chubby chup-a-chups. xD
Stupid Tardoll, we want the celebs to be FAT! [Espesially Bieber MUAHAHA]

And this... WTF

Oh and looks like Sac-aga-wea??? has a suite :p ..

June 27, 2010

Superstars are dominating...

They are taking over the world!

[[evill superstars...]]

Am I really that ugly?

Hey Rofl-ers! Yes I am posting! I decided I can still post, but nto go on stardoll that much. Today was the first time I went on stardoll for 2 and a half days. Congratulate me haha!

I love the new header Lozzy! You were featured in thefashionablestardoll.blogspot
 a few days ago as one of the best blogs.

Anyway, when I went on stardoll today, I felt like putting my medoll in the new hairs. THE UGLIEST ONES! Seriously, [[No offence to the ones who use/like these hairstyles]] who could get worse?

Those are not all the ugly ones, just the first ugly ones on the list haha!

May [[I'm back mwahaha]]

June 26, 2010

Oh god ! :s

Seen the new Tribute store? It's full of.. ehhh... To say hte least discusting clothes, at over-rated prices..
Check this chick out taken from the ghastly collection :s :

I think she was bullied in school, Can someone really be that fahking ugly?!
Fancy putting her ugly face on a t-shirt, I'd rather appreciate her designs.. still, WHO WOULD WEAR THAT?
It looks like it's just come out of a noob's stardesign... I just sayin!
Seriously, I keep asking the question : Who the hell are they hiring for graphics?

x - Lozzy

June 25, 2010

Discovering the darkness :P

Big enough? Blogger wont load picture upload :/
If your an old-school SDROFL fan, Then you'd have read the post about my black pant fettish? *cough, Its gotten bigger, cough!* Last time I had 8, which was 3 months ago, I now have 15, and it's proven my love for black pants has died down, and shoes, hats, Belts, bags and scarves has taken over! Along with my long-life love for racer-back jackets x333 :DDD


Black Shoes/Hats/Bags etcetc: 23

Black Shirts: 14

Black Dresses: 12

Black Coats/Jackets: 9

Black Tights: 6

Black pants: 5

Black Leggings:

4Black Skirts: 4

If you love me (OF COURSE YOU DO!), you'll read

Innocent eyes: Be warned! (Nah.)
Okay. Since Lozzy DELETED my post... (I love you still, sweet cheeks :D) I am going to explain why I can't post.
My stepsister is here, and she is married to the computer. She's only six. And then my step-grandparents are in town this week. We're going places everyday.
And then:
I share a room with my stepsister, and she SNORES LIKE A SON OF A BITCH! So if I get mean... don't blame me. Blame the six year old I want to hit with a pillow.
Your sexy best,

June 24, 2010

Trickeh shytt!

Heyhey! Don't read on if your easily offended, pre-hand warning, please don't complain like a girl in the CBOX, Sexist?? . :l

Mkay, have you ever read that really weird survey from caimbridge university? I odn't even know how to spell it, so much for university xD Ne' way! Its the one about how you read words by the first and last letters, like ' Volcano' If I spell it like this 'Vlconao' It still reads as volcano?

Well, I figured, If stardoll hasn't got to it yet, we could swear like this? Yet people would still understand it, because going 'Btcih' is better than going 'Bihyatch' Lol xD MUCH easier.

I tested it, And ah, SUCCESS! :D

Well... the first one didn't work.. which was the innocent 'F-word' ;D

Charlie has a bit to say about it aswell!

Before I get started.... I wanted to say why I haven't been posting. My stepsister (who is 6) HOGS to computer like it's life support, anyways! My new section! I've decided (without telling anyone) to do a HOW TO (blah blah blah) section. This week's (Yeah, taterface. Weekly.) How To, is cussing! I know how to do it. It's pretty simple, rather than going;

How To.....
;;Cuss on Stardoll!
Okay: It works in GBs, clubs, starblogs, albums..... NOT ON PRESENTATION!

Example: fu­& shy ;ck = fu­ck

Just put either '&' , 'shy' or ';' (thats without spaces or apostrophies! these things. .. ' ' ' !!) ­ in the middle of any word. It lets you do anything!

Toodles, my bitches.
-See you guys rolling on the floor laters! xx -Lozzy And Charlie

June 22, 2010

Funny Vid :]

Mini here, just to let you know :D

I made a video, dedicated to the shit the stardollROFL team get themselves into, we're all over google! :DD
JUST WATCH!!!! I made it myself :D


June 20, 2010

Time For A Chaaaange

If you are too blind to notice, I have made a new banner for the site [;
Ohh and if you're wondering who 'May' is, it's just our Leah...
she now perfers to be called May :).
Anyways, a lot of things are changing....
The blog banner...
Lozzy's banner
Mini's banner
And soon maybe new music [:

Oh and I also made a new blog, and I would really need readers [:
Just click HERE to have a look at it :)

The Annoying Orange... On stardoll?!

Click!! vv

It's an awesome song by We The Kings, It's called Skyway Avenue :)
Part of the lyrics are on my presentation :)

Want to see a fugly, epic fail uva' dress, Seriously, I wonder if they hire handicapped giraffes to do their designs sometimes:

-Thats all i've got for today , might post later :)

June 19, 2010

Oh Great... I mean... OGREat

Look at the picture...
'Green.Shrek' is gonna eat me.

Goodbye StardollROFL

Rofl hairies!

I noticed all rofl-er writers are using one of the new superstar hairs. EXCEPT ME! bahaa xD


Sorry of rnot posting recently, I've been so busy and my blogger stopped working. I had to get a new password and everything!


Hey! Yes, Since the 'Stardoll Pals' Came out I decided to start my room mate thing up again.
And none of there faces, Apart from my pals, was good, but her hair was bad so I gave her a little make-over :D

Give me a clue on what you want the episode to be about?

I have a confession to make... I'm an OGRE!

If you wanna be on ogre click HERE and it tells you how to get the costume!

The StardollROFL Notice Board

Things You Need To Know [:
-Mini is the only active poster
-Lozzy is the rightful owner of stardollrofl.blogspot.com


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