March 31, 2011

Hey It's me :D

Hello peeps it's me Ethan!
I have missed you all very much, but i didn't forget you!
Today, as you probably have realised, I am not going to upload a banner to this post because of my silly short-tearm memory blonde moments.
I mean seriously! lol xD i forgot my login to post on here!
How silly of me! The only problem with the banner situation is... i can't find it as usual (crowd goes silent) but oh well! :D
Anyways, sorry for not posting in ages! I have been very busy with a pile of homework, and allot on in my life. So i hope you all understand :]

So Stardoll has recently reached 100 million members...
Everything said and lead up to this day is exciting! (or said to be anyway)
But so far theres nothing exciting at all... apart from this image :D

March 29, 2011

RAWR... everyone missed me ay?

Lol heey ya'll suppp?

Okay so i am back o: how freaking awesome?? Lemme' hear some noise? ??
Guys c'mon wtf was that? i said lemme' hear some noise? :)
Oh thats better :)
Okay so like i miss you guys a lot! ahh but year 10 is pre hard.... umm.. i have nothing to display... but up coming days i'll be sure to have some exciting and sensational thrillers that you will literally laugh your ass off on. ;) So be in tune for a next Chrissy display.
I love our staff might i add oh and our viewers especially ;)



Find it funny how the doll 'FUDGE' got dressed up by someone with a username starting with 'CHOCO...'? Get it? Chocolate Fudge ;D
. 'Audrey KITCHing' (sounding like kitchen) got dressed up by someone with a username starting with 'BRE..' Get that one? Bree.. Like the cheese... associated with kitchen... :L

Is this a coincidence or is stardoll high? ;D


Hey, it's Frozta. No banner today. I'm just letting you know, I haven't forgotten you[: I am just REALLY busy at the moment. With homework and assignments, etc. The main reason why I haven't been posting much is because I have got selected for The Stardoll Insider's Writer's Competition. I have been posting there for a while now, as I am still in the competition.To see my work for TSI go to [: Let me get this clear, I am NOT leaving StardollRofl, or Stardoll for that instance. I'm still here, and that's they way it's gonna stay. Whether you love me or hate me, I'm still here ;D If you have ANY questions to ask me what so ever, contact me through my guestbook, the CBOX or my formspring, here [: I'm sorry the writers haven;t been putting much effort into the blog lately. That will hopefully change :)

As we have reached 100 followers, I will be hosting a party soon, and you're invited. I haven't quite thought it through yet but it should be announced soonish[: Just stay tuned to this blog, OR ELSE! Kidding folks ;D


March 13, 2011

Sorry for the shitty banner. I just like you to know that you probably shouldn't be reading this post if your under eighteen. Fuck, you shouldn't be reading this at all! I just saw this and had to show you guys :)

Really? Have you actually googled that and seen the horror? No need, I did it for you!

Ladies, gentlemen and creeps who like to google 'Robert Pattinson Shirtless'

I hope you threw up just then.

Sorry for not posting but yeah...

Xoxo Mini

Oooh! I just felt like gossip girl! Yeah, I actually watch that.

March 06, 2011

Stupid Tarddoll.

It's spelled "surprise", dumbo.
They might be fashionably challenged.

Seriously?!?! Enjoy these ROFL-y pics.
-Charlie the Unicorn

March 04, 2011


Hey guys. No banner today. I just edited my doll, and I'm deciding if I'm going to keep it the way it is.

I might, I might not.

FYI: I'm not taking a break. My mom got out of the hospital on Sunday and needs a lot of time to get back to normal speed. Plus, we might move once she's done. So gimme some time, I'll have a funny post.

And: Frozzy's spamming me.


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