March 29, 2011


Hey, it's Frozta. No banner today. I'm just letting you know, I haven't forgotten you[: I am just REALLY busy at the moment. With homework and assignments, etc. The main reason why I haven't been posting much is because I have got selected for The Stardoll Insider's Writer's Competition. I have been posting there for a while now, as I am still in the competition.To see my work for TSI go to [: Let me get this clear, I am NOT leaving StardollRofl, or Stardoll for that instance. I'm still here, and that's they way it's gonna stay. Whether you love me or hate me, I'm still here ;D If you have ANY questions to ask me what so ever, contact me through my guestbook, the CBOX or my formspring, here [: I'm sorry the writers haven;t been putting much effort into the blog lately. That will hopefully change :)

As we have reached 100 followers, I will be hosting a party soon, and you're invited. I haven't quite thought it through yet but it should be announced soonish[: Just stay tuned to this blog, OR ELSE! Kidding folks ;D


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