December 15, 2011


Hi guys!
Are you sick of me yet? Judging that we're getting haters on the blog then no.
Oh well, h@T3rz B h@T!n.

Any way I'm working for a different blog too at the moment and I was looking for some outfits, when I came across these.

I would hate to be elite, all of the noobs seem to flock to your guestbook and riddle them with spelling mistakes and words that aren't actually real.

This girl has her name in her presentation, and this noob with over 2000 starpoints (Which is un-heard of) got 'cunfessed'.
I dare you to go ask why your shouldn't put your real name on 'da intrnt'.

And this girl thinks she'll get onto Elite News (I love the blog by the way, go check it out) I hope she notices that they don't accept people who use the word 'u' as a substitute for 'you'. She doesn't even bother with capital letters.

She obviously isn't going to get one.

Bye guys, keep on roflin'

xx Mini

December 14, 2011

Freaky, Emo Bugs.

Hi all! You might be getting sick of me posting simultaneously, but I think
that i'm enjoying posting again! YAY! You're all going to rofl a lot more if this
continues. Anyway I've been not accepting requests from just anyone and I've been
meaning to show you guys thus one for awhile. If anyone can decode this message,
you might get a hi cupcake or something.

He seems to have an 'artsy' medoll what with the black lipstick and mesh sunnies.
But what really confuses me is the message, is he hitting on me? (Yes I know I do
have a very attractive medoll.) But what is he trying to tell me?

-Mini xx

This is why I love OriginalClub

Hi all, I'm an active member of OriginalClub and I thought this was priceless.

I did cover her name as she seems like such a sweetheart.

But honestly, only a noob would say this. Any other person would know to run along to Urban Dictionary.

To MSW because I had fun trolling your asses off.
And to PinkyPromise who motivated me to post.

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