May 09, 2012

We might be back.

Hey All,  I don't even know if any of you read this blog anymore, but if you do I want to thank you.
Some of you have been supporting us over the years and some of you have only recently started reading this blog.  Well let me give you some history on it.

It all started on January 25th 2010 when the very first owner, Lozzy.  Lozzy is an inspiration, and no longer writes on this blog or uses stardoll.  Then Frozta (Leroy) joined up!  Leroy has tried to stick with us but hasn't posted in a while and has semi-left stardoll.  Soon after Lee, Destiny_Star98 joined up and started posting 'Star's Corner' posts.  Then we had Jorja (Missss1994) join the bandwagon!  Eventually I joined up after trying a few times with failed samples, honestly if I had my first sample, I'd show you.  It was something about LE not being ready and I was pretty damn proud when Lozzy let me write on the blog.  Then the lovely Isabelle723 joined us, who I dearly miss and have tried to get her posting again, numerous times!  Then Ethan joined up.

All of these people eventually left (apart from me) eventually left the blog and it has never been the same since then.  I wish it was like old times when we'd get 10 posts a week.  But it's not and I can't find any writers who are witty and who would actively post.

I would like to thank Lozzy, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  I have made friends that I hope to remember for a lifetime and it's helped me find my place in stardoll.  One of my favourite moments, was finding out that the blog, Leroy and I were all nominated for a Star Award.

I have thanked lipseyes for that a few times and I do every now and then.

If any of you actual readers would like to give this writing thing a go, hit me up here.

Anyway, i'm going to at least make one post a week, but we'll see how that goes.  I do have a lovely thing called NAPLAN coming up next week and I have 6 assignments, but hey?  That's highschool.
And get your friends to read the blog!

Love, Mini.

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