February 27, 2011


Heellllo friends, :)
I have some funny pictures to show,
well today, i was soo bored so i was like hmmm
why not go around to everyones gb and tell them i rated them 5|5 :D
So i did that and i came across some funny shit:)haha why is she on the side?Lol HIGH FIVE DUDE :P
I seen him/her around like everyones Gb saying that. :LShould i help her out? LMFAO, She looks Hot!
i hope she doesn't look like that in rl... poor girl

What i'd like to know is where did the rest of their faces go?

Is she really Minus one year old?? I think she is 0 years old.

Ohwell... thats all for today folks,
Please i need to see your comments so comment please :L xx

February 25, 2011


Lonely banner again :S
It's Frozzy ;D Ive came across the most crappiest/noobish doll ever on stardoll!

Its eyes roll at you, like shes gonna come outta the screen and rape you!
And even more rapist like, the bottom text says "where are my clothes?".
I feel sorry for those who got raped by 'INEZ' or whatever. Haha.
I'll keep ya posted [;

February 21, 2011

Hi Guys, :) It's your friendliest friend ever, Chrissy, :)
First of all i'd like to welcome Charlie back, even though i wasn't here when she was, :)
Announcement: I hate school.
Anyway, hows everyone?
Ya'll ready for a laugh?
This girls pres says,
'Want 2000 stardollars and 5 pieces of LE?
Superstars only!!!
Just change your email to
Freestardollars11 @ live.com
Wait 10 minutes and the stardollars and Limited Edition will be there for you to enjoy,'
Ohk, so i was like WTF your soo mean! i forget her name, but i hope people didn't fall for that, they'd have to be pretty dumb LOL.Now huh? Ugly friggen shoes for 40sds? there not even Rare or DKNY or LE or Hbs?
Bloooooody Tardoll, some people bought that thinking it was rare, :/


Hey. Sorry I won't be able to post that much. My mom's in the hospital, so I hope you understand.

-Sad Charlie

February 20, 2011

NCG .. Getting a bit messy,,

Whats wrong with the National Covergirl page today? Everthing seems like a big huge mess...

ROFL. And yep... someone isnt wearing any pants :OO
Talk about Tardoll.


There were more, but these are flat out scary. One from Great Britain said (NO LIE!) "sE% party cum in my fanny!!!" I swear, this should not be happening! This is wrong in so many ways! I got the nastiest ones I could find in the US.

I know I should stop posting, but I feel like I need to catch up!


Another new banner!

I made a new one, since I was bored. I don't know if I like this one or the other more. Tell me whatcha think in the C-box (if you care)

I think I like this border better. And I added a (c) thingy.


February 19, 2011

New Banner

Before I fell asleep, I went on picnik and made a new banner.
do you love it? yes. yes you do.

CHARLIE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! + Pics

You heard right! Charlie is back and ready to kick your bubble butt! Now, let's move on to the best part of this job: Making fun of people.

This (Man? Woman?) person said they have big balls. And they're dirty... so I'd be worried if i were their (girlfriend? boyfriend?) significant other.
Now this is a disgrace. It's racist.... but somehow kinda funny. Look at the top broadcasters of today. Innocent, right? NO!!!!!

Sorry for the quick post. I'll have more soon, when it's not almost 2 in the morning.
PS: Imma need a new banner, so if anyone's willing to make me one, I'd be a happy little unicorn. (Neigh!!!)
PSS: I won't be able to post that much this weekend, because we only have 2 computers and 5 people in this house, and my mom had surgery, so she needs this computer more than i do. And I won't be able to post that much (I don't know if i can.... I might be able to.) this coming Wednesday to Sunday, since my computer junkie stepsister is here.
Love ya!
Charlie, who is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 18, 2011

"HE WAS BORN THIS WAY" Competition.

Heeeey. It's Frozzy! My banner is just up for construction ;D.
&& I love the new template mini :XX
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Okay remember my post about the Biegaynater? (Bieb the Tweeb)..
Well I found out that stardoll is giving away a free "justine bieber" doll. Which brings me to my competition...
The competition is to get the BIeber doll, and dress him/her up as "pretty" as you can.
Once you've finished, printscreen/screenshot him in your suite, upload it to TINYPIC, then comment on this post (or in the cbox) with the tinypic link. The winner will win some gifts from me. This competition is mainly about fun, not so much about winning, so enjoy yourself. You have until March. ;DD.

Click HERE to find out how to get him/her in your suite. (:

February 14, 2011


Neew blog picture :D I LOVE GAGA BORN THIS WAY BABY :D

February 13, 2011

'Thee Gay' ;O


Heeeey. Sorry I havent been on in a while. School's back :( , as well as homework and crap that i just cant be bothered dealing with... well I'm back posting again, so be happy :DDD. Haha. The other day I made an effort to make a new banner but it didnt save properly :( So I guess I have to do it all againsssss. ANYWAYS... You're wondering whats with the title name... well there is a new Justin(e) Bieber doll out in stardoll. WHY! Is THEE GAY taking over stardoll? :O I clicked to view the "doll" (literally, justin(e) bieber is a doll ;D) and I saw that stardoll had got the doll completely wrong... So I decided to make it more realistic, and touch up what stardoll hadn't got right. Look at this picture carefully(: [CLICK TO ENLARGE].


Yup! This gay chick (according to stardoll) is all muscelly.
What a load of crap.
[Sorry to the people who actually like Justin(e) Bieber]

February 10, 2011

Yo, Yo, Yo Chrissy ain't gonee, :P

Heeey, :) So long time no post. OMGSH Like i feel like shooting myself at this moment for not posting for a long time but aye, you guys mean a lot to me as viewers and staff,
I did want to leave stardoll but it's so hard because i love the noobs on it,
But the main reason i wanted to leave was because i am in yr 10, and my parents don't want
me to have any distractions. :'(
But aye that doesn't stop me one bit, because guess what i'm already smart...
God! Is it just me or is stardoll becoming more lame?
really i thought i'd be like 'famous' i use to get like 11 friend requests each day, and 12 gb entries a day, :/ now it's just like 1 friend request and 2 gb entries, i feel soo alone atm god!!!
Okay to start off i was going through some friends and i was like OMG how did she do that?
It's amazing how people can manage to hide their hideous medolls.
I was going to vote a girl when i came across the most funniest medoll out,
Lemme' introduce you too big-bumhole Yes and he really did loose his balls^
Whats happening in my life atm? not much, school ;'( Gay!
umm OMFG GUYS 'BORN THIS WAY' -LAAADYGAGAGAGAGAGAGA SINGLES COMMING OUT ON THE 11.02.11 OMG BUY IT! OR DIE!!!!! i will be sleeping out side sanity 'music store' getting the first copy of the store, I LOVE GAGAGAGAGA. ;)
Another?? GOD!
what do you think let her do one of my rooms?? NAHHH!!
Talk to you later guys, ;) And stay hilarious, because without no humor, your lame... and lame people are my victims. :o
♥You peeps.

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