January 30, 2010

Covergirl is a boy? Lmao

I noticed today (30th of January) Covergirl......... is a boy! Shouldn't it be coverboy???? ROFL

January 29, 2010

'Callie.stardoll on to five list, explaination'

Hey hey! Okay, guys, i know callie or callum.. lmfao, is not supposed to be on the list but she still HAS a stardoll, and as it happens, she won with a scenery made two days ago, Now this is the hilarious part xD

She... Uuuh. .Named it 'OCTO-MUM' and being the sick perv i am, i though it was gonna be a hacker, or callie giving birth to 8 already grown-up-size stardolls. Lmfao.

Callie.Stardoll Won?????? WTF!!!

WTF!!! I got this off another blog, but how the hell can Callie.Stardoll get Top 5 in something, doesn't she (or HE) own the place? Check out thispicture, shes Top 5 Scenery Winner?????? STARDOLL GLITCH AGAIN!!!

Friend Requests...

Being a guy on stardoll can get you loads of strange and dirty requests...

click to enlarge

January 28, 2010


Lmfao, Okay, I had a little fun with the gorillas you can get for free? I noticed they.. uhh. were looking a bit Discusting and evil.. So i exagerated it. And then, little did i know. They were waiting for me in my suite :'O Goodbye everyone...


Im so sorry, I HAD to post this again. Bcasue its EXTRA Lol-rofl-LMFAO-worthy, I had to post it.

Naked covergirl?

Today, January 28th 2010, I noticed the funniest Covergirl on stardoll. A naked covergirl???


Ha ha, Now I'm actually glad i have haters, More entertainment for you guys right?
Lmfao, I just a got a request just then :]]

Writer + Is stardoll getting too personal?

Thanks Lauren soo much for making me a writer for this blog! For those who don't know me, my stardoll name is Desitny_star98 but I go by Star. I very enjoy stardoll and like Lozzy, ROFL about everything I see!

Just recently I was looking around the popular club AskPaulinagirls and came across some topic that a young girl has posted, all about 'The reason I go on stardoll is because your on it' or something, and the entries were all ILY SO MUCH! Rofl much? I can't believe random people love other people on the internet? Haha! (Click to enlarge the random picture!!)

New Writer ALERT! Servere ROFLING involved!

There you go star, Right click and save it as a picture. :]]

Americans are DUMB! xD Jokes, its what she says -

Okay, Now guys, I litterally lmfao, and rofl'ed when i saw this. I nearly wet my sself it was that hilarious! Now, it starts off with this chick >

Now I'm not going to write it out for you, because it will spoil the whole thing, I have quite allot of pics, so hang in there Rofl'errr!

Click it to enlarge it guys x]]

THIS IS THE FUNNY PART! ^^ 'I know where paris is, she stated, Its in germany' WTF. ROFL! LMAO!
And what the most hilarious part is, Is that the girl didn't even mention anthing about americans not knowing where paris is. She said CHINA? What a fucking dope. haha!

Fancy looking like this...

Hey again it's Frozta...

I found this today...

Im so jelous... that person looks like Anders test999.4 ... I wish I did
rofl. And her favourite celebrity is a dog... wtf?



Hey Peoples... this is Frozta... a new writer of this blog. I'm 13... a dude and I live in NZ :D

Havn't got any graphic things at the moment but I've got something I want to post.

Take a look at this broadcast... (click to enlarge) I mean like seriously... wtf is she talking about?

lmfao. If you are wondering what it says... it says 'also be cat kitty love' haha

January 27, 2010

ROFL! These people make me fall off my seat xD I reccomend you read :P

Jesus christ, I mean, seriously? These people make me laugh. Like, they send 1 broadcast, saying htey want to be covergirl, and then thats it? What a waste of 5 stardollars. Lol, the next part is hilarious though...
She says on her presentaiton she wants covergirl, but wtf. Who would vote someone that looks like a horse? ROFL!

Zomg. Anyone else have MAJOR noob Failers?

I literally lol'd my Friggin head off xD

I searched my name in the 'search bar' and realised, I, uhh, Have a few haters.... And lovers :3

Haha, how many have you got? leave your interesting or creative respoces in the comments section belowww vv

January 26, 2010

Ew. Nahahahhaha! xD - LOOKING FOR WRITERSSS!

Hey guys! Just a reminder before we go on with some sick, funny stuff, I AM looking for writers, so please make a comment - I updated the system, so you dont have to have a blogger Acc to write a comment. Which seems to be many'of'a problem in blogs that i read from myself :]

Mmm-kay, I did not intentionally look for this, i was just checking for any dkny that people were selling, and came across a sick, '10 year old girl looking for something to do becasue she's bored on her school holidays'

Click to enlarge, enter her suite at your own risk. For your mental safety, i wouldn't read her presentation!?

I entered her suite at my own risk, and stumbled across her guestbook,
And i was baffles to find an ex-superstar, with the 2000 starpoint hair, commenting dirty in her guestbook?! YUCK.

Listen, if you have any other hilarious, or discusting things on stardoll, let me know :P

January 25, 2010


Okay, guys, I was looking htrough the major clubs, for hilarious topics, and to my surprise, I found something hilarious.

She is a 'red-headed-fan' So, she has big opinions, and is calling blonde people bananna heads? Ftw! Haha. Yup. Take a look xD
Click to enlarge it guys :]

Haha, there were a few blondes insulted in the making of this songs. lmfao.

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Hey guys! I'm Lozzy,

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Btw, ROFL stands for 'Rolling on the floor laughing' yes, its not 'rotfl' 'Rofl' is easier to say. Haha.

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