January 28, 2012

I really hate doing this.

taliakalia, you are fired.

You just aren't what I'm looking for in a writer, come back when you have more experience and you're a bit more crude.

xx Mini

January 27, 2012

Old And Disgusting Stardollies

Old People
Have you noticed that there are a lot of "old" people on stardoll? Well I don't think they are as old as they seem.
Take this picture for example, I don't really think they are that old, anyway I found one of the "oldest" stardollies yesterday.
Is she really one hundred and two? hmmm I don't think so.

Disgusting People
If your the age eleven and under, I advise you don't read this.

Some people on stardoll are really disgusting, but they sometimes but a smile on our face. The other day I found this.
Yeah that is a bit too disgusting for my liking. Check out the user "periodpanties", her medoll might surprise you.

So that's it for today, keep on rofling!

Love, taliakalia

January 22, 2012

Stardoll's Extreme Werid Desperates

As most of you know, there are some noobs on stardoll who date. Have you ever seen someone so desperate you couldn't help but laugh until your mouth hurt from laughing to much?

Well I think you should check out the presentation of FunJustinsingle. He is HILARIOUS!!!

The first time I read it I actually fell off the couch I was sitting on and hit my head, now I have a bruise, but the laughing was worth it. Next time I see someone desperate, I'm going to cover my head!

Love, taliakalia.

P.S thank you Mini for editing this, love you!

Spell Check Time?

From time to time we meet people on stardoll who have no idea how to spell. Reading there spelling some times is just hilarious!!

The other day I met a girl (I hope). She was telling me that I was a terrible speller. I went to her suite and saw her presentation.
Hmmm I don't think she can really talk. At least I know how to spell warning and freak. So anyway if you happen to see anything funny on stardoll, message me and I might write it up on here with a caption with your name.

Good luck everyone for 2012!!!

Love, taliakalia

January 06, 2012

Hey, I'm A New Writer!

Hey, I'm one of the new writers here at Stardollerofl. I'd like to thank Mini for making me apart of this. I will start posting soon. For now I'll just show you this random picture-

bye for now, taliakalia.

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