October 21, 2010

How To Look Like... (4)

Recently I had a poll on which 'How To Look Like...' I should do next. Gangsta won with 75%. Second was pirate, third ghost and rabbit last. So here is the winner [:

A Gagnsta

1. Give your medoll some "stylish" hair
2. Place on a 'tough looking' mouth.
3. Most important: Add some 'bling'.
4. Wear some 'gangsta' shades
5. Add anything else to your doll that you think is pretty out there.

October 17, 2010

How To Look Like... (3)

We're up to the third 'How To Look Like...' post. I'm letting you guys choose the next theme... just vote in the poll on the sidebar [:
An Evil Pumpkin

1. Put on an 'afro'.
2. Give your doll some scary facial features: e.g. eyebrows
3. Use some intense black makeup
4. Give your doll some 'fangs'.
5. Add extra things e.g. moles to the mouth
6. Use whatever to finish it [:


dont forget to vote on the poll :: you can vote more than once :: cheers.. tables [:

October 12, 2010

Three Random Things In One Post [:

Hey peoples [:
Firstly, I made a new banner :D
I was kinda sick of my old one, and tbh I didn't really like it. I think my new one is so much better haha. Anyways.. lets get on with the 'funny' stuff...
In the picture above, you can see that somebody asked me if I wanted their account... But the most random thing is.. is that I have NO IDEA who that person is! Well I am "friends" with her on stardoll, but I've never really talked to her before.. it's just a random I had on my friends list.. Why would she want t0 give her account to me ? lol
(I kept the name/doll anonymous)


Look here:

Whenever you had a message or if you had new friend requests/gb comments etc, the smiley face used to bright up and be pink.. but now they have replaced it with a 'green dot'. Why an ugly green dot? It's so pointless... It was completely fine just the way it was. [Look in the picture above to see what I mean.. and I put the 'X' to point out the thing I'm talking about].


Two 'Opera Gift' things appear in your suite every day, and if you open one of them, you get a free gift. What's funny about this? Look at it! Seriously.. look at it. WTF IS IT? It looks like a dimented elephant . .with red at the end of it's trunk.. like seriously stardoll? They could've came up with a better looking, more modern piece of art for your suites. The worst thing is, is that you can't take it away from your suite. It can't go in storage and whenever you save it in a differant place, it appears in the same place next time you visit your suite!! Like seriously?? haaa

Woah.. a lot of writing haha.
(I know this post wasn't thaaat funny, but it's all I could really find..]
I'll post again later

October 10, 2010


Hello. As you can see, Mini & I are posting again :) YAY! I know you missed us [:
Ok getting on with the 'roflness' this random has been writing in my guestbook.
Look at what she said first.. she asked me if my name was BREE.. like... wtf ??
And then she asked me to join the darkside for her... errm no thanks.
In the GB comment below, she tells me i'm hot. She must have serious problems..
She's attracted to an animated doll thing. Ahh .


October 09, 2010

Adding to Frozta's Medoll Thing, Heres My Pedophile and Drag Queen :D

Steps for Pedophile,

1. Pick the weirdest smile ever and Squinting Eyes to your medoll, keep the nose.
2. Apply Blush from the bottom of your medoll's earlobes to the corners of your weird smile, and on the sides of your medoll's nose.
3. Apply lengthening mascara.
4. Buy white Hair dye and pick short hair and dye it. (I Used black streaks just to touch it up a bit :])
5. Voila! You have a pedophile!

Steps for Drag Queen,

1.Pick long and fake looking hair, pick "Bleach Blond" (as I like to call it) for your hair colour.
2. Over Blush underneath your cheekbones and put a bit on the side of your medoll's nose.
3. Put on, Crazy fluro sparkly eye make-up.
4. Apply 3 sets of the biggest fake eyelashes
5. Put on pale lipstick and then roughly cover it with a bright red lip pen.
6. Put on unrelated earings.
7. Throw on some random shit in your hair and a jewled necklace.

And you have a drag Queen! :D

Now as Stewie says on Family Guy, And Now heres something we hope you'll really like :D

Some random comment!

And I'll Leave you with that.

Love, Mini

How to look like... (2)

This post on 'How To Look Like...' and the next ones will be based on halloween costumes. I will be doing about five more 'halloween' makeovers, so it gives you an idea of what you can put your doll as on the 31'st of October [:



1. Put on some wig-looking hair
2. Use some orange or red hair colouring (I used red highlights)
3. Make the eyes/mouth etc look pretty... creepy
4. Use outragous makeup (preferably white)
5. Add extras... whatever you like (I used a 'tear')

Remember this is just a template.. you can add whatever you like to your own doll. Make it differant.. be creative [:


There is a new endangered animal for October on stardoll.
The animal is called the AYE-AYE. It's like a lemur type
thing. When I saw there was a new animal called an AYE-AYE on stardoll,
I thought it would look really cute [ :... but I was SOOO wronhg

You think it looks creepy on stardoll? Wait till you see the RL picture below.. :O

Imaging strolling down 'Madagascar' and coming across this animal?
Yeah.. I would be pretty scared too .. haha

October 03, 2010

How to look like...

I am starting a new segment called 'How To Look Like...'. At least once a week I will have a new theme of what to look like, and give you some tips on what you should use. What's funny about this? I will make the theme's humorous, wild and a bit over the top [x . So here is the first segment..



1. Put on some facial hair
2. Give your doll some out-of-date glasses
3. Have a dodgy smile
4. Use some kinda strange hair
5. Add some more uglyish out-of-date items
6. For extra's, add grey hair-colouring

I would love some suggestions on what the theme should be next :) Thanks

Ahh.. Um?

Hey guys. I was looking in StarPlaza, when I
came across this head thing from the
Tingeling Halloween Couture shop..
Like seriously.. it looks like a bit of
plastic.. why the hell would you want
a piece of plastic on your head?

Very.. uh .. fashionable stardoll

I also found this poster from the new
Berlin range..

Is it just me, or is that girl kissing that animal? For heavens sake stardoll, it's like you're encouraging beastiality or something.. haha. Stardoll has gone from Fasion to Pashin'


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