October 21, 2010

How To Look Like... (4)

Recently I had a poll on which 'How To Look Like...' I should do next. Gangsta won with 75%. Second was pirate, third ghost and rabbit last. So here is the winner [:

A Gagnsta

1. Give your medoll some "stylish" hair
2. Place on a 'tough looking' mouth.
3. Most important: Add some 'bling'.
4. Wear some 'gangsta' shades
5. Add anything else to your doll that you think is pretty out there.

1 comment:

  1. Since I stopped following your stupid ass blog... I'm Diva_Always bitches!

    This is bullshit!
    I feel your'e a racist! Stupid ho!
    GAGNSTA or did you mispell GANGSTA you dumb freaking illiterate asshole!
    And the medoll looks more like she needs to take a shit than she look GAGNSTA!!
    I will never follow this blog again.



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