May 31, 2010

Worst Hair Comp: Vote On Poll [:

Hey. As you know, I have been hosting a 'Worst Hair Comp' on stardoll.
Sadly I only got two people that entered... hopefully Ii'll get more next time..
So here are the two entries...

Entry 1: Clarapop


Entry 2: Avril14140

Please don't forget to vote for your favourite entry on the poll, which is on the sidebar. Thanks.
We are most likely to have another comp soon, so don't feel that you've missed out completely.

May 30, 2010

Could you get any.... GROSSER?

I was lookinq around dollsfor a new qraphical pose, and came across a duhhh-sturbinq comment. GETTA ROOOM!

Leah [[KA-BOOM]]

SALES: The real Deal

Gawdd ROFL team, I'm sorry I haven't been postinq in aqes, but I've been really busy and I have a really bad cold riqht now... Anyway, I decided a lonqish sorta post would qet thinqs rollinq(:


Why do stardoll hold sales? To qet rid of their qrossest items of course.
Why are they so cheap? The cheaper they are, the more people are qonna buy them because of their value.

As you can see to this picture, stardoll only has the most disqustinq items on sale. Way to qo TARDoll!

Leah [[makinq you rofl]]

The Bra Game!

It's a game where you say the name of a movie, but replace a word with 'bra'. Example: EPIC BRA. [Epic Movie]Have fun Bra-ing!


May 29, 2010

GAGA DESIGN! What do you think?

Yep. Just finished. I think its SICK. What do you think?
Might I say this took me 3 and a half hours;

For Sarah.

For Sarah.

Well..... I read it. THAT was important.

You probably can't read it, but it says: "OMG, BE CARE FULL YOU MUST TELL YOUR FRIENDS NOW".


Uh. Yeah. Title explains all.

I've been spotting alot of things repeating, or going in patterns, particularly around my suite :P Everything is in order, which is good, but i made all of the people with 4000+ that i talk to

in my party people list... and this is how many there are! There are way more, but they wern't wearing the hair.

Then, a few days ago, i was scrolling upon the 4 pages of chat me and frozzy had in dollmail, and he sent me a row of ' Okay :]' unconciously... haha. Its blocked out cause it's kinda personal :) and as you can see, that was on page two.

Lemme' know if you spot anymore around my suite :)


It's safe to say it, The gaga day was was a success :).

I just checked my facebook to find the best news all week!
Click to enlarge!


(ROFL's coming sooon, like.. in the next 5 minutes.. haha)

May 28, 2010


You heard me. It's under Bibty's control, and has a little over 400 members. And I thought it was gone forever.

I send SD a dollmail, so I will post it when I get a response.

May 27, 2010

You Justine Biever Haters Are Gonna LOVE This [:

Its a pretty popular pic... you might've seen it before... but LMAO!
Apart from the text... It doesnt look like its been edited... I think thats really Katy Perry [: Perfect Caption x]

What.. The... Fook?

If you saw my other posts, you will know that stardoll has had some really 'WTF' ads lately... well look at this one...

On a little girls site...

Tomorrow Is Special...

If you havnt heard... tomorrow is "Hug A Ginga Day"
I think its only for NZ people... but its a fun day...
so we all might as well celebrate it [:
And also... I should point out... that Mini is really a ginger...
I remember her saying that.... so everyone... tomorrow we're going to hug 'er [:

Its not supposed to be an offensive day... its supposed to be about having fun [:

Gaga Spirt [:

Hey guys. Just wanna say, Happy LADY GAGA day! [:
Even I have dressed up for it...
Trust me, its hard to be like her... when you're a guy!

Babe, I look bad? Sort your 60's hair out ;)

Haha, my little win for the day :) Click to enlarge, mine actually enlarge.. haha!
She's going on like 'Your so mean' and stuff, when she's blaintly reading my private GB messages. What a bitch!

And what do you guys think of my graphic, It's supposed to look like Adam Lmabert, I think it does. My mum thinks it does :D She loves him ;) As you can see, I've gotta do the right ear ;D And its too smudged around the jaw line. that is why it's SOOO not done!
i've Got LOADS to go, im doing the background and everything!!
The corner is cut off :/ wtf.




Yep, ROFL'ers. It's Lady Gaga day! In honoring our favorite woman of the century, we will dress like her, and look like her. It's not that hard. And thanks to Mini, I bought a LG shirt. I love it!
And if you do this, you will be entered in a contest to see who is the best looking Gaga!

-Lozzy && Charlie

Wait--- Am I AHEAD of someone OLDER than me?

Now, after ALL that work, I realize she probably faked her age.

Okay, I was like ZOMG! When I heard this. Some Smart Donkey has invented a Bieber Block! Anything that says Bieber: Is blocked out! Cool eh?

Maybe she got cryogenically frozen when she made her account.

But.... she's TEN?

Ads On Stardoll... ?

Okay guys! Have you seen the new 'AD's on stardoll? First of all... look at this one:

Advertising a job site... on a KIDS SITE!


Now this one:

They're advertsing Stardoll... On STARDOLL! To be honest... the banner actually puts you off stardoll... and isn't 'fashion is your passion' from those little body massive head Bratz dolls? Whats wrong with stardoll?

And look at this one... It speaks for itself...

On a little girls site, advertising a munted little game thing, that probably gives you viruses and is likely to be 'scary' for the 10 year olds... !!!

May 26, 2010

Talk about a Billy-Gasm. NOT.

The title was wrong. I threw up in my mouth a little. And what's with all the Bieber-Fever? He screwed up on his own song. I honestly think he's not talented. And if you saw his youtube channel (link at the end), you would see he can't sing..... or pull off the cueball head.
Off topic, but this AWFUL billy ray dressup reminds me of a JB.

Justin Bieber (shudder) Youtube page: (Or look it up.)


Okay, No laughs for the second. Im officially GOB SMACKED.


As a fellow lady gaga fanatic, im in awe of how good they are. I bought one as soon as i saw it. Its vertually the same?!

:D BUY ONE! SHE'S SO AMAZING! Her name is Zaixhi - click the name and it will take you to her bazar :)

Medoll Files

Welcome to the first official post of the 'Medoll Files' in stardollROFL. These are all off my medoll, please do not get affended. It's just a monthly way of making you laugh with some wacky makeovers by me(: Ladies and jellybeans, Enjoy!
Afro FTW!

Did he get punched?

Skill makeup. I wonder who did it? :P


Is the camera too bright dear? Why are you squinting?


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