May 15, 2010


Hey guys. Its me.. Frozta. Sorry I havn't posted in ages. I have been so busy... but I have to admit I have has heaps of time, I just really don't seem to be bothered lately. Turns out Lozzy and Jorja have left, which leaves only me, Leah and Mini. Gawd, without Lozzy here, stardollROFL has been a complete fail... and epic fail. I mean... she did create it in the first place. So I am going to announce that I have not left yet, and Ill tell you at least 5days before if I do decide to... but I am not going to just yet!
Anyway moving on to some funny stuff...

This is called the 'FLASH Print tank'....
I wonder why?

Its seethrough!! You can see the coathanger...

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