May 02, 2010

A bit of Face Rofling(:

Alrighty, so I have tis idea of having a once of week post, on just stardoll members faces, presentations ect. and distorting them as much as possible. To start of with, I logged on before and looked at the 'New Dolls' and found a funny guy. You think he's hot? You gotta get past the teeth before you kiss :P

And this random visited me, and to me, she looked like some snake? She kinda freaked me out! I couldn't even edit her, she didn't need any more features :P

Oohh and then to get on with her presentations. Is she talking to ducks? "Thanks darklings!" What a spelling mistake. I like her beard(:

x Leah [[ I love rofling on stardoll! ]]

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