January 31, 2011

Well, Im hammered.

The title says it all :D
I know what a meanie i am, making fun of people. BUT there is a really good reason why i do so :D
Ok, another randomly disturbing account visited me. how? I don't know :O that is still a mystery but who cares? :D lets get into this ok, get a load of her username:

What an odd name? Hmmm.. I was definitely hammered when i saw her doll :D

Ahhhhhh! :D see what i mean? Now for her presentation and details :DD

hahaha :D I am not sure if you can see the image, but these are her details: Age: 19 | Gender: Female | Country: United States | Last seen online: 11 hours ago! ahhh please don't go back online :O I am scared enough as it is!
This is what her presentation says:

heyy everybody!! my name is bitch!!! i love eating my poop its yummy (mmm chocolate) im hot add me!!

Nice name you've got there ;D Poop is yummy like chocolate? :O And hun i am just going to give a little reminder: You are as ugly as an ugly can get! I was seriously freaked at this point! :DD
It dosen't stop there. look at her scenery and scenery comments:

Ahhh!!! :O that is just gross, But so freaking hilarious at the same time :D her or his scenery is about an ungood (if that is even a word) period LOL. what do you think? I think she should keep that stuff to herself, AND BUY A TAMPON OR TAMPAD. Honestly, again proves Stardoll is not for kids and also another EPIC FAIL! lol

I wonder why people make accounts like that. They are true freaky freaks.

Well, thats the end of that post (yaaayy) What do you think of her? :D
Write what you think in the comments, im looking forward to reading what you all think and have to say :D

January 25, 2011

Disturbing Much..

Ive been looking in OC (Original Club) for people to buy the accounts im selling.. and I came across some really disturbing people with disturbing comments ...

I mean, those pictures were completely unrelated to the topic, and that happened right after each other.. maaaan stardollians are sick. I even didnt block their users for embaressment haha :D

January 22, 2011

Lots more where that came from.

Okay so first of all heeey, (: how are yous all???

Alright so i been caught up in all this new beauty parlor stuffs, pretty nee-do ay? anyway, what sh*ts me about this is them new lips?? oh when the perfect lips i love haven't been graphite yet?^(with lipgloss)^
but all the ugly ones have.
^(with lipgloss and you can see that it has more a light white affect to it to make it look cool) ^
:'( if you can't see it then ohwell, it just ticks me righttoff.

So, recently i have been just jet set bored, and have been staring at pages and stuff when i come past people who talk in different languages, really i don't understand why people can't speak English on a site that uses English language???Oh yeah like i really have time to use google translate.... Pffttshhhht i am not accepting people who don't actually talk English because for all i know they could be talking to me in dirty language. :/// :L:L
BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i went to this party right cos i was damn bored, and so like i went to a party that a boy had created, thought i could stir shhhhiiiiiit up, but ehr, this boy was to fast for my liking. Why would i want to make out with him??? 1st of all dude i'd be weird if my parents walked into my room seeing me making out with my laptop, pffttshhhh, as if.

OMG EW! HONEY LOOK AT ME I DON'T THINK I NEED THE MAKE OVER,. It's obviously you honey wanting a black eye.
As if you wouldn't hack, dude i am no.1 in stardoll, and your asking me to give you ( a random) my account pfftt ahhhhh-no.
And to finish my post i'd like to congratulate Ethan (Sk8erboy)
Pfft Congratulations mr, Ethan (sk8erboy) For getting Superstar, Woop. <3


Love Chrissy/Chichi/Christina/ M.A.CChrissy <3

January 21, 2011


Hey. As you can see ^ I made a new banner (:
Anyways.. I went to upload a picture to my club.. except I didnt know what to upload... Look at the picture below.. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Like honestly, Stardoll doesnt let you upload pretty much anything. No cartoons, celebreitys, or copyrighted images... most things ARE copyrighted when you think about it.. like all the stardoll images on blogs and things.. So you basicly cant upload anything.. stupid tardoll >:'

I saw and advertisement about the styling your medoll... but only it said "Go to my suite" ... Last time I checked, you styled your medoll in the "beauty parlour" :3.
Well thats all folks :D

January 19, 2011

Hello, and good morning from Australia.
I currently have no cookie dough in my house so
I'm not filling my mouth with cookie dough I'd
Make a post on here.

Hey also has anyone seen the Golden Globes with Ricky Gervaice presenting?
No-one laughed at any of his jokes.. I wonder why

Anyway heres some damn good stardoll humour.

Yeah hunni, I don't have any of those.

^ Nice name bruh

A snooki-esque doll for you :)

^Why did I waist 48 stardollars on those?^

You just might want to check that couple of beers a day fact...

If anyones been to Lozzy's suite latley. It acutally looks good now, no offense but the old owner's wood theme drove me crazy, Also doesn't lozzy's apartment's reseptionist look like a real bitch? Baby Doll lips and such. Also she's one of those, I wear my sunglasses inside because I reckon it looks gangsta. NO IT DON'T.

Lovely Stardoll, Just lovely. You could've given him his vest and his uhh diaper that he has in the actual games. Notice how Mario and Luigi are staring? Pedos...

^ You don't even need captions.

Love and peace to you all, Mini

January 18, 2011

Im on Holidays :D

Hey, bitches :D its me (again) Just thought i would let you know i wont be on this blog for one week since i am going somewhere with very limited internet :[ (i'm pissed off now! lol :D ) I know it is very sad so i wont have much time, but to log on tardoll and check messages, sorry.
- Ethan

January 16, 2011

Hello, once again. It's your local Frozzlemonster with your local ROFLness of the week... ahhh im bored... so what the hell? XD Soooo... in the "Beauty Parlor" (I perfered the name Medoll Editor for nongaysounding reasons).. I have been trying on like every type of hair .. just to see what it's like.. and I found this one.. and was like.. WHAT THE HELL!. You cant see the freaakin eyes.. :3 Below..


And I found out some more lies on stardoll. I went to buy superstar and found this "lie" somewhere on the page .. BELOW.

Read the underlined bit... Stardoll claims theyre one of the biggest SAFEST sites.. LIES! And for girls.. maybe they are meaning Stardoll isn't safe for boys? That could be true.. I mean there are some pretty sick perveted girls on this site.. (ask Ethan :L) even though they're probably old pedos .. :S

January 14, 2011

Chrissy's latest victims.o:

Hey peeps how you all doing??? :) anyway these past 2 days i took some snaps at some random people posting C**p :) lol.
They are my vicitms hehehehe...
Reaad on!! :D

Some people are so desperate to be my friend, it's kind of annoying especially when they are non-superstars that only come on for a week then leave stardoll... i don't know what to do any more... Hmmmm..... anyway. Desperate people who want to be my friend should tell me why they want to be my friend.

^ soz not so much a clear picture,
But this is for Ethan, These are the weirdo boys, that i come in contact with....
it's kind of upsetting see boys on stardoll looking for a relationship, like seriously, thats what dating sites are for.... :/
So i really don't know why people ask me this??? why ?? it's not as if i am gonna say yeah sure it's (dkahsdhkafugg) 'thats not my pw btw so don't try it'. Lol, i hate them messages, who'd give out there pw? Not i...
& a questiong why would you want my pw? to hack me...... o.O
Lol i have of corse deleted this girl from my friends list because she is a retard. Obviously..
Well thats all i have captured within 2 days. :)
Oh and to keep you updated on the floods, they are out of my sight, but are still in Qld, i have sold over 90 tops... :) it's awesome people around should get an idea of what Qld is and was going through.
oh and there are still 61 people missing and 15 confirmed dead :(
God bless people who prayed for me and others who survived. :) x

I Love Poo :DD

Yet again, one day on, and more wired random people :DD
Man, i love them! They just, i don't know, a bit scary you may say.
I ended up visiting this person because i couldn't help myself! and had a major urge to see her page :DD But i wish i never did for many reasons...

LOL :DD I couldn't stop laughing! apparently she supports her POO and wanted to tell (and i hope not show) the world how great poop is! :D
But unfortunately it didn't work... If anything he or she is a bit messed up! :D
So anyway, here is her pressie:

OMG she must be depressed! honestly :D who do you know that sings about poop? apart from immature little kids?? That is just so wrong but funny :DDD
it gets better, look how hot she looks :D

NOT! woah, man i shit myself when i saw this! :D It scared the crap out of me! AHHHH LOL
Another EPIC FAIL!

January 13, 2011

Fhhk Me :DD

Hey, its just me :DToday some random person just visited me. But it wasn't as simple as that. This random really was random and i am about to tell you why. So here i go, why is this person random?

Nice name you've got there ;D

Beautiful doll there hun :D
Now, lets have a look at her guestbook and presentation ;D

I agree with that guy :D ^^^^
Now for her presentation...
A what now? :O you DIRTY little girl/boy :O
Pfft, I can imagine you are ready to have fun :D You could do it all day with yourself if you wanted to :D and also your name seems very desperate for it so go ahead!

And that just goes to show that Stardoll is not for kids like frozta said! :O

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