January 16, 2011

Hello, once again. It's your local Frozzlemonster with your local ROFLness of the week... ahhh im bored... so what the hell? XD Soooo... in the "Beauty Parlor" (I perfered the name Medoll Editor for nongaysounding reasons).. I have been trying on like every type of hair .. just to see what it's like.. and I found this one.. and was like.. WHAT THE HELL!. You cant see the freaakin eyes.. :3 Below..


And I found out some more lies on stardoll. I went to buy superstar and found this "lie" somewhere on the page .. BELOW.

Read the underlined bit... Stardoll claims theyre one of the biggest SAFEST sites.. LIES! And for girls.. maybe they are meaning Stardoll isn't safe for boys? That could be true.. I mean there are some pretty sick perveted girls on this site.. (ask Ethan :L) even though they're probably old pedos .. :S


  1. That hair looked sooo good in the hair parlor and i was like WOOT i love this, then wore it and was like where did my eyes go????? lol realised it covered them.... gollygoo i hate when stardoll makes useless things that no one bothers to use...:/ lol. OMFG if Stardoll was only for girls then why do they have the sex symbols and gendas to choose from in beauty parlor, thats what i am sick of, Stardoll boys treated like girls, seriously, this is fkd if you ask me. I mean, who was the creater of the famous lobster shoes gaga wore?? Alexander McQueen (Rip 2010) and guess what he is a guy, another famous designer is Gianni Versace (rip 97)his a guy even though his sister owns the company now, but yeah... Like WTF STARDOLL more like fame and friends there is no fashion involved if boys aren't even described to be tardollians, lol. ffks, i want to shooot myself, (not really) but gossh it's sad to know that stardoll likes being sexist.

  2. Fight the way frozzy! :D Shexy hair dude! lol :P
    I agree, totally unsafe :] simple as that ^^^
    And Chrissy, i agree with you to :] They treat us like we are girls :[


  4. Ya wanna see perverted? SEE MY GUESTBOOK. Honestly, I get like 2-5 boys asking me if I want to go out with them, saying they are handsome, calling my CARTOONIC DRESS-UP DOLL HOT AND PRETTY. Pedos, much? lol.. ~ybother45, AKA, Kayla~


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