January 19, 2011

Hello, and good morning from Australia.
I currently have no cookie dough in my house so
I'm not filling my mouth with cookie dough I'd
Make a post on here.

Hey also has anyone seen the Golden Globes with Ricky Gervaice presenting?
No-one laughed at any of his jokes.. I wonder why

Anyway heres some damn good stardoll humour.

Yeah hunni, I don't have any of those.

^ Nice name bruh

A snooki-esque doll for you :)

^Why did I waist 48 stardollars on those?^

You just might want to check that couple of beers a day fact...

If anyones been to Lozzy's suite latley. It acutally looks good now, no offense but the old owner's wood theme drove me crazy, Also doesn't lozzy's apartment's reseptionist look like a real bitch? Baby Doll lips and such. Also she's one of those, I wear my sunglasses inside because I reckon it looks gangsta. NO IT DON'T.

Lovely Stardoll, Just lovely. You could've given him his vest and his uhh diaper that he has in the actual games. Notice how Mario and Luigi are staring? Pedos...

^ You don't even need captions.

Love and peace to you all, Mini


  1. OMG THAT RONNI6677 IS ASKING ME TO OMG haha i got a snap of it too :P
    But be realistic who the fkc gives out there pw??? lol.. oh i love your posts mini xx <3

  2. Haha, I'm the poster who like gets tonnes of screenshots and then puts em' all in one post :)
    The funny thing is with that ronni chick actually picked buying something from my bazaar. Haha

  3. Weird as! :L yeeah, well i ain't on my pc atm, but when i get on i will post some stuffs LOL. :)


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