January 13, 2011

Lozzy is back :DD

Today Lozzy came back! :D I was on her account today because i got her account yesterday off of a friend, then today i got a guestbook saying "who has this account now" Something like that from her backup account! I told her in a friend request of who owned the account now (which was me) then i talked to her on her backup account, and guess what :O I was like OMG that sounds so like lozzy! and it was! :OO i wasn't sure if it was her at first but then i realised it was, so i gave it back to her and now she is back on :D I hope she comes on StardollROFL again, we have missed you heaps lozz.
I just thought i would do a post because she said for me to tell the blog so i did :D
I am soo happy now, but very devastated at the same time! Because Lozzy, Mini, and Chrissy are all in Queensland and there are major flood there, one of the worst since 1974, Right now heaps of towns and even city's are now like 7 or 9 metres underwater :O I hope they are all ok :[ Please support the by buying the "Flood Crisis" tee's it will help allot.

- Ethan

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