January 04, 2011

Rawr :]

heyy, just mee again i know how boring :D
where is everyone? Where's the other writers?
oh well, looks like its just you and me to have some fun :D
Ok what should i talk or post about? (cricket sound)
uhhh... Ok how about, oh what the heck, lets get a move on :]

What i would like all of you to do is post a comment saying what you would like to happen with this blog. It can be anything! but ill check with the team before anything happens :]

Well, im a good entertainer, ey? (cricket sounds again)
I know what ill be when im older! a comedian! Ill be the funnest person to be around aand ill make lots of dough ;] (crickets keep making sounds like nothing happend)

.................................................. (the big pause)..................................................


Ok there i did it lol :D
I know this post has nothing to do with stickhole but thats probably because i hardly go on anymore, so when i go on next ill get tardoll funny stuff instead of my awful entertaining skills ;]
Ohhh and one more thing... HAPPY LATE NEW YEAR AND CHRISTMAS!
(i know i was very late on that one) Tell me everything you did for new years, or what you got for Christmas; or even better still what you would have liked to got for Christmas! i am looking forward to seeing/ reading your comments ;D


  1. I would actually like the blog to be more active. It seems like you guys are only doing like one post a month.

  2. @Anonymous

    Yes i honestly do agree, i will talk to the team about that :] Because i understand where your coming from ;]

  3. I got epic 2011 glasses from Wal-mart :oldstardollshades:


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