January 10, 2011

Some pretty hawt styles! :D, And what to and not to do when accepting friend requests! :D

Hey, its just meh again :D
First of all before i get into the interesting stuff :] Welcome to ROFL Chrissy aka Christina! Today when I logged into Blogger and Stardoll, I was like who is she? and why is she on here? but then i realized who you you were (I have seen you around before) and also because Frozta notificated me, and you also sent a message in my album and guestbook :D I look forward for you to be a writer for this awesome blog! You seem great for the job!
Ok, So then i finally realized that my realization problem was solved! Thankfully.
Christina also sent a guestbook and album comment :]
When i read the request I was like yes I am!! but how did she know? then again, I realized how and why she knew that! lol
Also, when i logged into Stardoll today, I realized Mini was back!; as she sent me a guestbook ;]

Oh and one more thing! (lol this is my realization day) I realized that all the writers are writing again! With a new writer! YAY! I have missed you all (Including myself)

Ok, lets move on now ;D

first things first, here's some pretty hawt styles that look sexy on meh don't you think? :D

I know! I should post a post of what, and what not to do when buying clothe
s! Do you notice image one with the hat and sunny's? Well i ended up wearing them both on my doll! they looked pretty cool to me :DD Funny
I say "what to, and what not to do" because today (and not just today) Throughout the whole time i have been on Stardoll from the begging; I have received numerous amounts of disgusting, ferrel, yucky, sexual, Whatever you want to call them! Friend request with many Sexual references. Im not even going to go there. lol, But i will anyway, for a bit of a laugh! Ok i haven't got all of them on image, But here is a couple of them! So here is want not to accept LOL unless your a DIRTY little person :DD

When i read all of these (and many more before the ones above) I was like ewww... lol who would like to have online sex? I mean seriously. Do you want me to fly over to your house this evening to do that? nah. For all i know they could be sick people that are fifty years older than me, or even a criminal! O-r-o-o-Or even the dreaded.... Homo sexual :O (no offence to all those homo's out there)
To be honest its virtually impossible to have online sex! lol (unless someone has invented or planing to invent online sex, which i hope they dont! lol) :D
(I know dirty little boy i am :D) Your lucky i didn't add what i was going to add! LOL
And to even think i would want a girlfriend online, let alone sex at this age, its impossible for me to say yes to both (I know, im very stubborn like that! because my heart has been broken once and i dont want that to happen again! so girls, dont even bother) Man, you all should have seen my reaction to these requests! and no, i wasn't satisfied or enjoying them, for all those curious people out there! :D
Can i stop talking about this now?? :D lol!
Anyway! enough sexual talk, and moving on to the conclusion.
I will post some more post later :D until then Bye!
Oh and P.s Tell me if you have ever experienced what i have. Write in the comments! I cant wait to hear what you all have to say!
- Ethan


  1. hahaha, :) thanks Ethan. :D bhaha. Nice erm friend request you got there... your lucky your not a girl... you should see all the guys who pop up in my requests... next time i'll capture them for everyone hehe. Oh and nice outfits i gotta agree i like the first one. :) x 5|5

  2. The Naked Mannikins are what happens when Over-Hormonal vampires leave their stuttering, ugly, annoying and ungrateful exe's to die alone.

    Tragic stuff.

  3. They all turn into nudists..

  4. LOL Mini, you make me laugh! Yes i defiantly agree with that one! :D

  5. No problem at all!
    I know! they are so disgusting and un-necessary.
    really? LOL Theres no doubt about that! I am so lucky im not a girl, i can just imagine how grotty they are!
    Yes! you should :D its a good way to make people look like idiots and it makes some people laugh! well, me anyway.
    Oh, and by the way are you and mini ok? i have heard soooo much about the Queensland floods on TV! They talked about it all day today, and it is very sad :( I live in WA, so i hope you are both ok. Loads of towns are going underwater :O

  6. yeah, if you look at my pres i have some photos :( it's pre sad, :( and currently i have just heard there might be a cyclone comming our way as well... would you think this has anything relating to the 2012world shutdown??? and jebus has started in qld??? :( i am so devo.

  7. Yeah :[ There is no doubt about that, it would be terrifying.
    A cyclone? Are you serious? To top it off with a cyclone? OMG that is majorly terrible, we have a cyclone coming our way where i live to :[
    I hope nothing is relating to the 2012 Shutdown!!! That would be scary as :O as long as you are all ok.


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