January 22, 2011

Lots more where that came from.

Okay so first of all heeey, (: how are yous all???

Alright so i been caught up in all this new beauty parlor stuffs, pretty nee-do ay? anyway, what sh*ts me about this is them new lips?? oh when the perfect lips i love haven't been graphite yet?^(with lipgloss)^
but all the ugly ones have.
^(with lipgloss and you can see that it has more a light white affect to it to make it look cool) ^
:'( if you can't see it then ohwell, it just ticks me righttoff.

So, recently i have been just jet set bored, and have been staring at pages and stuff when i come past people who talk in different languages, really i don't understand why people can't speak English on a site that uses English language???Oh yeah like i really have time to use google translate.... Pffttshhhht i am not accepting people who don't actually talk English because for all i know they could be talking to me in dirty language. :/// :L:L
BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i went to this party right cos i was damn bored, and so like i went to a party that a boy had created, thought i could stir shhhhiiiiiit up, but ehr, this boy was to fast for my liking. Why would i want to make out with him??? 1st of all dude i'd be weird if my parents walked into my room seeing me making out with my laptop, pffttshhhh, as if.

OMG EW! HONEY LOOK AT ME I DON'T THINK I NEED THE MAKE OVER,. It's obviously you honey wanting a black eye.
As if you wouldn't hack, dude i am no.1 in stardoll, and your asking me to give you ( a random) my account pfftt ahhhhh-no.
And to finish my post i'd like to congratulate Ethan (Sk8erboy)
Pfft Congratulations mr, Ethan (sk8erboy) For getting Superstar, Woop. <3


Love Chrissy/Chichi/Christina/ M.A.CChrissy <3


  1. hahaha :D
    Man i love you sometimes (as a best friend)
    Stupid Tardoll, try to rip you off with the lips :\ not acceptable! lol I hate it how they do that! it is so unfair.
    Oh and i just love the dude that wants to make out with you :D Maybe you should consider? Nah i wouldn't bother! lol
    Thanks for adding me in :D Yep thats right made myself a superstar with my UltimateGame Card for 3 months :] Looking forward to it ;]

  2. hehe, love yah too, (as a best friend) lol. yeah god when that dude was like yah wanna make out i was like WTF DUDE! lol. hehehehe, :) and your welcome (: <3


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