February 20, 2010

People get way to fucking happy! D: And then express themselves on the broadcast??

Grrr! It pisses me off when people start posting randomm smileys to the broadcast
This is what i mean.vv VV vv

And so today, I chose to take action :D (LOOK AT GUESTBOOK!, THEN LOOK AT SMILEYS ON BROADCAST BOARD >:( )

February 18, 2010

Scam attemp?

Sorry no banner today (wrong computer) but this is Destiny_star98, not Froxta or Lozzy! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been soo busy, and nothing ROFL-worthy has been found yet!

I got this message from a girl about 3 free Mcqueen dresses? She gave me a link: greekproxy-stardoll.tlk. This is an attempt to get members passwords? What ROFFL worthy sad people they are? I did it with my account that is to check these websites are scams, and it is. When you write your username and password, it says SEND not LOG IN. No buttons work except that one, and it is a scam. Do not do it! Here is the message:

And this website. See its made by Piczo? ROFL. Such a fail attempt to scam!! xxx

February 17, 2010

And, so the rapist extinct fun continuesss...

Nothing more to say, than its been over a month since the malling-gorilla was released.. and so, stardoll are getting really fucking stupid. GET IT RIGHT RETARDS! And on that happy note, we have the new perverted and rapist slug-ish thing to show you!!

Read on my fellow ROFL errs!

I hope this makes you rofl!!

Heyy it's Frozta

sorry none of us have been posting lately :(

and we have lost 2 followers of the blog...

But here is something that will hopefully make you rofl :p hahahaha

And to everyone who is bored, could you pleeeease report X-POLKA-DOT-X for hacking my account Sinsarenothing !!! Thankyou.

February 03, 2010

If you're planning on getting attacked by a bear.... LMAO

Kind of changed my banner...


you have to see this

(click to large)

February 02, 2010

Evil shaved frogs, and Eyebrows. Yeah. Its that bad.

In the desperate ettempt on stardoll for popularity, and attention, These people take to club rihanna, to post about their Psycotic issues. Rofl. This one made me laugh xD

Lmfao. Ofcourse, there are the Dye-hard's Who act all 'radical, like im so freaking cool. lol' 'I dont need authority' ^^ And the Noob brought it! *LICKS FINGER* *MARKS A ONE* Zing! Loving the trolls :]

February 01, 2010

Lol, WUT? xD

Hey guys :) This might interest you if you wear Underwear x)

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