November 21, 2010

Im back :]

hey everyone its me Ethan again!
i have very important stuff to say so keep reading ;D
ok first of all, sorry everyone for not comming on this blog! its been forever since ive been on it :O i have been soooo caught up in my own life that i nearly forgot about all of you awesome stardollians! how could i do such a thing? LOL i promise i will come on here more often.
Second thing is im here to post more funny stuff! yay its been ages since ive had a tardoll laugh :D all i need to do now is think of somthing to write about, hmmmm... any ideas peoples? if not ill come up with one, feel free to give me any ideas because i cant wait to hear from you all :D
Im also here to say how is everyone? and also say hi from me to everyone (this means anyone) lol :] well ill post soon :]
thanks, from your writer man bitch, Ethan :]
Ohhhh wait one more thing just before i let you go on and continue whatever you may be doing (even if it is quite disturbing and i don't want to know!) i don't think we need to get too detailed into that conversation, anyway ive got a new banner coming.. it looks awesome ;D

November 10, 2010

StardollPOPULATION (1)


Welcome to the first post for StardollPOPULATION! This post, we’re looking at grannies, and how they’re taking over stardoll! Firstly: They have their own stardoll shop: DECADES. You may have noticed, in the DECADES shop, there are A LOT of granny items. When Stardoll said this site was for everyone.. I didn’t think they meant... EVERYONE!

So Looking at the picture below.
Look at outfit number one: It looks like stardoll is mixing emo/punk style with granny style.. not a good mix. Now.. looking at outfit number two: Stardoll has put a completely unfashionable coat, with a completely unfashionable dress, complete with completely unfashionable shoes.. NICE ;). Dont forget the hat.. ;D

This is what the manequin should really look like:

And now: A stardoll member with a bit of an 'age': IT'S YOUR GRANNY :D

StardollPOPULATION Intro

I (FROZTA) have started a new segment for the blog. 'How To Look Like...' has now finished, I hope you enjoyed those posts. The new segment for the blog is called 'StardollPOPULATION!'. It is when I look at what and who is popular on stardoll. Don't worry.. it's not as boring as it sounds... It will of corse be funny :D . So stay tuned for:


November 05, 2010

We're Officially Nominated :)

As you may know already, StardollROFL got nominated for the Best News Blog award, as well as the Best Gossip Award in the official Star Awards 2010. We're up against really popular blogs like Stardoll's Most Wanted, Underneath Stardoll and Elite News, so it would be a dream come true if we won an award. The voting lines open November 10th ..! Click here to be led to the site.

Thanks [:

November 04, 2010

The Truth Behind The Long Wait For Broadcasts..

Have you ever wondered why it takes a while for your broadcasts to send? The other day I went to send a broadcast and it took ages for it to come through.. This picture explains everything!

Stardoll's blocking up the cue. You would think they wouldnt count as actuall broadcasts.. right? ROFL

Just to inform you guys...

If you havn't already noticed, Mini is taking a little break from stardoll. She gave me her account to take care of in the meantime. So if you find that she's not replying to your messages and comments, this is why. She might come back pretty soon, and we'll let you know when she does. Thaaanks [:

Sorry for not having a funny post.. there should be more to come :)

Pretty Girl Ay?

Hey again. Sorry I havn't been posting much. I hope you guys had a good halloween [: . Anyways, the other day I got a message from a "friend" of mine. Not a really good friend though.. as you can see in the picture below, she thought I was a "pretty girl".. lmao. I think she forgot I was a guy.. haha.. I found this message hillarious. Read the things in the 'red boxes' for the funnier things.. [:
(click picture to enlarge)


Dont feel that she's a bad person.. she appoligized as soon as I reminded her I was actually a guy.. :)

-Frozzy [:

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