November 21, 2010

Im back :]

hey everyone its me Ethan again!
i have very important stuff to say so keep reading ;D
ok first of all, sorry everyone for not comming on this blog! its been forever since ive been on it :O i have been soooo caught up in my own life that i nearly forgot about all of you awesome stardollians! how could i do such a thing? LOL i promise i will come on here more often.
Second thing is im here to post more funny stuff! yay its been ages since ive had a tardoll laugh :D all i need to do now is think of somthing to write about, hmmmm... any ideas peoples? if not ill come up with one, feel free to give me any ideas because i cant wait to hear from you all :D
Im also here to say how is everyone? and also say hi from me to everyone (this means anyone) lol :] well ill post soon :]
thanks, from your writer man bitch, Ethan :]
Ohhhh wait one more thing just before i let you go on and continue whatever you may be doing (even if it is quite disturbing and i don't want to know!) i don't think we need to get too detailed into that conversation, anyway ive got a new banner coming.. it looks awesome ;D

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