November 10, 2010

StardollPOPULATION (1)


Welcome to the first post for StardollPOPULATION! This post, we’re looking at grannies, and how they’re taking over stardoll! Firstly: They have their own stardoll shop: DECADES. You may have noticed, in the DECADES shop, there are A LOT of granny items. When Stardoll said this site was for everyone.. I didn’t think they meant... EVERYONE!

So Looking at the picture below.
Look at outfit number one: It looks like stardoll is mixing emo/punk style with granny style.. not a good mix. Now.. looking at outfit number two: Stardoll has put a completely unfashionable coat, with a completely unfashionable dress, complete with completely unfashionable shoes.. NICE ;). Dont forget the hat.. ;D

This is what the manequin should really look like:

And now: A stardoll member with a bit of an 'age': IT'S YOUR GRANNY :D

1 comment:

  1. I agree. Stardoll must have a lot of old people because they have there own store.


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