Update:  Hey people! Now that I've got your attention, it's Mini and i've decided to say that Lozzy left We don't know if she is coming back.  Rofl was Lozzy's Idea and frozzy was the second to join.  Then it was Destiny_star98 (Leah)  She got fired... then she came back, meantime Misss1994 (Jorja)  had joined.  I had started to want to join just before Leah got fired.  I ended up joining right after Jorja.   Leah quit after a while as did Jorja.  We had Clarapop and many people fill in and join then leave.  Then we got ethan :D yay!  So me and mainly Frozta I guess you could say we're the loyalist.  But now we have chrissy and hope she stays for a while.  ENJOY THE BLOG!

Hey guys, (Me) LozzyMonkey, Frozta, Isabelle273 and MiniMerloTwilit would like to welcome you to our blog of treturous FAIL's WIN's and ROFL's ! All of which are from the site we now know as 'Tard-doll' .. Stardoll.

No Elites get featured on the blog, Because quite frankly, WE DONT LIKE THEM. We highlight the less dominant people of the stardollan world.. and we like to use the word Highlight, instead or Humiliate (But we know what we're doing) Not to mention we completley unwrap the gift scemes stardoll set out for you to open on christmas day, There's a scam in there somewhere... always making money... always... -.-" 

Music: Our music is selected by the best of the best, the writers here at stardoll Rofl haha ;D We are open to suggestions in the CBOX. We like to add a few funny songs in there - after all, the blog is for the humour!

Content: You enter this site at your own risk, if you get personally 'Highlighted' thats your own freaking fault, right? Don't act like an Idiot, or look like one for that matter. - other things like stardoll faults... stardoll doesn't have to know about,

Don't expect us to sugar coat our posts for you, We may use crude humour, or curse a little, be a grown up little person and suck it in x) It's our reflection time, and it seems that's what lets us express our true opinions.
Im sure your going to like our blog, ;D

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