March 31, 2010

As I thought ;

Hey guys!
L.E ... what can i say? other than, 'Ugly peice of crap'
Im starting to think stardoll is running out of ideas, they've gone to desperates,
the picture says it all;;

For ROFL's sake? A PAPER BAG skirt?? According to my TuckShop, its actually 5c for a paper bag, not $75. -.-" they're getting dumber everyday! It's like Hobo week! Got any recycled can for us stardoll?
So much for LIMITED EDITION x)

The World Is Over; Aliens Are Coming! O: && OMFG.

Aaaee [;
I was doing some random searching around stardoll to try and find some rofl material to post when i found that the world is going to come to an end soon O:
Clickketyyy cclick to enlarge!
this is a story of when aliens came and tried to elimamnte (I think she meant eliminate) earth by the way this are trypods do you want to hear it its sad yet pretty epic.

That is the girl with the wierd username; Makes me think SHE'S the alien!


Tell me if you've found an ugly medoll or wieRd username in my guestbook on Missss1994
x jorja

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March 30, 2010

Read Read Read

Captions:: My Life as a Teenage Tranny (2g) - 10 year old girls these days, SERIOUSLY?! Easter hoilday boredom much?

Un-Stardoll Related But....

I've known this Parody for a while but i thought i might share it with you all, it's the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feelin' Parody! It's called I am a Korean [;

Click on the heading to this post and it will take you to the youtube video, Enjoy [;
x jorja.
[; Rofled Enough?

Yes It's True, You Can Get Pink Eye From Your...

Aaaee Everyone [;

I'm the new writer for this blog. I'm Jorja, 11 years of age, living in australia, a girl duhh and yeah you get the gist...

Anywaays I was looking through some of the APG (Ask Paulina Girls) topics randomly when what did i happen to come across?

Click to enlarge [;

Yes it must be true, you can get "Pink Eye" from your cat :/

For all who don't know what it is you don't want it...

x jorjaaa.

p.s. about thee picturee thinggy up the top Lauren is making me a better one soon she just didn't have much time [;

March 29, 2010

Yes, I do get dirty requests. -.-""

Urggh. It makes me sick. Read it for yourself, no exaggeration needed!
Click to enlarge speccy four eyes! O.O

How much I love taking the piss out of freaks :)

An Inspiring MeDoll:

Nice -katiiee - Rofl


My crap still blury? Captions:: Topic: I ADMITE I GET DRUNK. ETC
"Yes I do. I dirty dance with 18 year olds and I
hook up. Yep Im 13. And guess what I dont giva shxxxt what you
think about me =]

Ok...she might say she's all "bad ass" but she still doesn't know that shxxxt really only needed one "x". lmao!




Hey people. Sorry bout the last post... and thankyou lozzy for boosting it up :) Well I made this pic ages ago, posted it up and my computer f**ked up and it never got through so here it is... :]

Click To Enlarge

March 28, 2010


Hey guys, If you have been reading this blog or a while, You would have seen a post like this:
Well, since then, lets say i gave the 10 year old responcible, a taste of what was to come, if she didn't give up the act.
And yep, It seemed to work. The worst thing for her is, SHE WAS WEAK. and now she just looks like a complete Idiot :P
4 of the 7 accounts she made, remain. :P Ah well! Send me your pictures if you have any Trollers like this chick.

:O What Happened Last Night Exactly?

Hey it's Frozta.

I'll have to make a new banner soon... Lozzy will do it :3

Anyway I am finding it really hard to

get some things to rofl about ... but I found this.

Isn't it just lovely?


(click to enlarge)

Its a bit blurry, but she said 'Last night was fun!' and then.. didn't elaborate. It's annoying, and stupid.
I find it pointless, Its like saying 'I jumped off a buliding and..'..... ' xD :)'

It does indeed make me wonder if she ment... that... kind of.... fun. yeah, get my drift?

if too blury please tell me how to fix it

March 27, 2010

OMG. who thought 'PLAY' were actually about... playing..*cough*

1 second whilst i throw up.
Fanny and Anais? Are 2 members of the swedish band PLAY.. SWEDISH. It explains everything.
The other member is called Seanne, its acceptable, and really, not as bad as the other two.

Lol, Why do half of the population of stardoll boys look the same?

Hey guys, WERE BACK! After... let me count 26 feb - 26 march... Ah well, Now you know.

Like my banner? Made by the one, herself.Lozzy! :) Ask if you want one? Its a gift in price, if yer a friend - its free :D Ne' ways!

Kicking it off with some Hilarious default best friends.
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DISCRIMINATION IS BAD. ... Or so they say.. ah, its debatable.

From the land of ROFL, LOL out!

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