December 05, 2010

Suite shop Rippie-offerers and Random pics :D

Hey tardollians :]

The other day i was looking around the site and guess what? You won’t believe how many things and what i saw! More Rip-offs! As known as Rippie-offerers, these are only a couple that i saw

Most of them were UGLY and overpriced so i put them too just to make it look more dramatic! most of these things aren't worth buying or getting excited over, apart from the penthouse of coarse the penthouse is worth it! but its gone up one hundred stardollars so thats why its on there, but anyway moving on lol. So these are a couple as i was saying:

There's much more than where that came from lol, why can’t everything be...1sd! :D now that would be awesome! Who agrees? If you've got anymore items that you think are rippie-offerers write in the comments :D i would like to hear from all of you, and also i would like to expand my list :] Another thing… I have got more random pictures! Yay lol I think I might of shown you already but who cares I’m sowing it again!:

Well, that’s all really. I guess I’ll see you all a bit later :P If you have ant idea’s or funny stuff to also share just write us or me, or whoever, your ideas we like to hear from you and will post it if it is super funny. Anyway, see you later


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