April 30, 2010

x) Classic, try it with your friends!

Hey! What are you doing?
I'm doing your mum! Duh?!

For Leahhh :))

Wootonia 'Bounce!'

Oh. my. god. You've seen the fuss over the wootonia' stuff right? you get a free maccas shirt, and there is that really annoying add above stardoll?? Well. I was like 'allright- it seems pretty cute, and it's actually pretty funny with the little emo guy' and then i typed it in on youtube? they've got a video.

what. the. fark.

April 29, 2010

The days when cousins hacked....

Hello, hello baby! (: I have Lady Gaga on the brain mwahaha. [gaga-tonight.blogspot.com] Anyway, back to shit that your waiting for... Today I got this retarded GB comment from a little 9 year old girl, giving me a fake story about 'My cousin got into my account and took all my money, so please buy from me!!!' Desperate much?

And THEN before I even replyed, she tried to fight back again. Read her pathetic excuse. I mean come on!

I'm not trying to be mean guys, sorry. Just sayin'
Leah [[omfg shes back! :P]]

If your thinking of sending perverted broadcasts, I reccomend your read.. pervert..

Ellew ellew :) I never really thought about it, but I got dirty with the broadcast today - to bring you the most eye-catching, and witty broadcasts you can send x) Tardoll is so stupid when it comes to getting around our creative little minds:

Doin' your medoll!
You look like S hi T :)
**** oFF!
Your designs look like my ass cream...

im Just sayin! See you later!

Haha! New post!

Yeah it's me. It's been FOREVER! But i'm back. Cuz I would get fired and I would get revenge on everyone...and we don't want that to happen again now do we? *Loud evil laugh*
Yeah I might have multiple personality disorder but (uhm I forgot how to spell the real thing so yeah..) you know you love me!

Anyway I realised no one has yet posted about this friken' ugly as shit guy...

Youh know youh love me and my personalities!

~Mini... Or someone else...

BAD... Stardoll...

Heyy guys.

I have to admit... I've been pretty slack
on posting... and I am sorry for that.
I have been searching for something
decent to post... and is still struggling.
:O.. But I will keep searching...x]
at the pic below.. really stardoll?
We can now dress up 'Mats'

April 28, 2010

Damn! thats one big-ass ice-cream!

D: I just spilt my WHOLE coffe all over the computer desk. Laugh at me. I hate myself :@

Have you seen the new ANTIDOTE? Well.. It's out. Its actually been out for 4 hours now.. and still. nothing is sold out. My theory is that its so ferrel, noone will touch it, like the chick everyone hates at school.

And so, I browsed for something remoptley in style, And uh. It wasn't happening. Floral pants? Seriously! Stardoll! The 80's aint' gonna work again. We're generation 'I' !
And then i saw it.

One mother fucking, big-ass, juicy lime flavored.. (coloured.. concidering i cant taste it.
Im just sayin!) ICE-CREAM :D We fell in love' x3>

This was the day stardoll set me right.. for a few minutes! untill i realised i had no stardollars left.. D: I hate them again, thats a good thing right?

April 27, 2010

Failure graphic :l

I am a fail whale at everything. I have such crap ideas. I had a good one, but Lozzy told me to cut out swearing by monday so that was swiped. I made it after a song. L to the A to the M to the E.

It doesnt even look realistic.

Leah [[Fail at graphics :/]]

Woaah Elmo Is In The House ;D

I was looking at some random people who had just signed in...

(in that little box on the start page)

& i saw this chick who looked like elmo... haha(:

For all of you who don't know who elmo is (although most of you will) he looks like thiiis;

Then theres the elmo giirl...
Baaahaaa(: On a better note;
Its Creative ;D

xo -Jorja.
Rofled Enough?

April 25, 2010

Makeover time! :l

Your probably sick of my posts... but silence is bad and Lozzy needs lovely rolfing readers, so Imma bring just the last one before beddie time alrighty?

I was testing some stardoll games for more rofl pieces and started on a Makeover Time game. They proved funny face results :D Take a look at the poor hairdoes and oversized lashes, even the face is STONED!

Leah [[ More medoll rofling to come...]]


I was roaming around... AGAIN..... and looking at broadcasts for a collective I was looking for... AND BAM! I saw a rofl-worthy momento broadcast, made me laugh!

I also saw another one that said something like: Come on girl, in here NOW! Which in my opion, icky stuff....
Leah [[random rofler]]
lmao you'll notice each post I'll have a different sign off!

The perfect dress for perverts(:

I logged into stardoll & as always you start at the start page & on the start page is the pick of the day.

I saw this hotbuys dress & i nearly spewed... ughh, what was stardoll thinking? ;/

But then i looked closer only to find holes everywhere... O:

Great for perverts huh? ;D

I can see your undies --->
Nice huh? xo

Quick one

I think this one turned out a bit better, thanks to an old stardoll add. I used it for Stardoll ROFL, maybe Lozzy can use it for advertising or something? I could do much better in GIMP, but I had to make do with crappy 2003 paint and fonts.....

What do you think? Is it okay, I could do much better, but I like it!Not exactly a general ROFLing part, but yeah advertising? :P

- Leah [[Your master medoll/graphic rofler]]

Retarted Graphic :l

When you see this, I know you'll be thinking, what the hell was going through your mind girl?!? Well I forgot to take my mental tablet, and my drawing one lmao! And yes, paint really sucks on my dad's laptop, but hey, it makes it look uglier every brush stroke! :D I like the moustache....

I know I failed. EPICLY. No need for more comments :l

- Leah [[Your master medoll rofler]]

Fugly medoll cards(:

Okayy, so roaming aorund on stardoll, you can find some pretty weird stuff these days. And me and my dirty mind explored mwahaha! First of all, I find a WHOLE list of rofl-worthy fuc.me involved names, which picture is too censored on my computer to put up! Sorry about that, I bet you would have enjoyed reading through them hehe. Secondly, I searched the name ugly

and choice just a few to review, which names will remain anoymous due to affensive reasons, as we here at  Stardoll Rofl, HIGHLIGHT people, but not say mean stuff about them alrighty? Take a look at the people. I'm not quite sure if they are man or women, too hard to tell :P

- Leah [[Your master medoll rofler]]

My Page Pet

pYzam Page Pets
FreeFlashToys Page Pets

Forget Donna Karan, I went Donna KRAZY.

Oh my god :$ DKNY has a 50% ALL clothing sale.

I went crippled, reformed, and spent over 55 stardollars in there. DAMN YOU STARDOLL.
Anyway, I got stuck , I wanted to wear everyhting I bought, and Then I didn't , And then I decided I was going to wear 4 different belts?
I look like an animal, literally, Ripped Jacket and Leopard print skirt? Ke$ha would be proud!
Aha! If you havn't seen me already, here I am!
Im on my way to doing Zebra Make-up now! I'll have a face-shot soon!

April 22, 2010

New Doll For Superstars...

Well there is a new doll out called "Best Dress AW 0910"
Personally... I think its hideous... so I went and did my



go frozzy

So here is a chat message...
turns out it was the same person who
scammed my LE early this year...


And here...Window Doors?
I know what they are
meant to be... but choose
the name wisely next time
stardoll. haha

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