April 12, 2010

Hey everyone!
I'm Mini the newest addition to ROFL, and look after the I.M (Instant message)ROFLS (most of the time.) My job is to start random fights with people and talk to the people who tell me there's a sale at their tacky suite, or when they offer scams/hacks/makeovers andor invite me to join their club ;) Oh don't you love it!. I'll be doing the random fight thing on another account, cuz I don't want to get banned and i'm NOT A REBEL! Yeah well, i'm random, live with it... like an undercover rofl agent!
Imagine that.. watching an FBI agent roll around on the floor laughing.. lmfao. that would be funny!

Thanks for picking me Loz, and i'm trying to get my stupid mac to download a knock-off of paint so I can post the sale thingy.

~Mini :]

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