April 28, 2010

Damn! thats one big-ass ice-cream!

D: I just spilt my WHOLE coffe all over the computer desk. Laugh at me. I hate myself :@

Have you seen the new ANTIDOTE? Well.. It's out. Its actually been out for 4 hours now.. and still. nothing is sold out. My theory is that its so ferrel, noone will touch it, like the chick everyone hates at school.

And so, I browsed for something remoptley in style, And uh. It wasn't happening. Floral pants? Seriously! Stardoll! The 80's aint' gonna work again. We're generation 'I' !
And then i saw it.

One mother fucking, big-ass, juicy lime flavored.. (coloured.. concidering i cant taste it.
Im just sayin!) ICE-CREAM :D We fell in love' x3>

This was the day stardoll set me right.. for a few minutes! untill i realised i had no stardollars left.. D: I hate them again, thats a good thing right?

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