April 10, 2010

Oh. GOD. Please give these to the burning salvation army.

Uh-oh. 1 minute stardoll is all wanna-be cool kid, and the next.. we're back to ... D: Paper bags and granny hats.

Personally, I think they should throw this outfit into the burning salvation army shop that was lit by bogans, because its FERREL.

I sick of this, stardoll. -.-" When will they learn, that noone gives a toss about paper bags, we can't recycle on stardoll, why bother?
They're calling it VINTAGE TOUCH, to me, it looks like VINTAGE TRANNY. Ew.
Please, dont let me catch you buying any of this, because NONE of it, is even remotley stylish.
What the preview doll should have really looked like;;

Loving my edits ;)

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