April 18, 2010


Arghurgh>? Whats up with our writers leaving without warning ayeh? Where the HELL is Mini? This is worse than where is wally. Oh wait... I found her :D

Anyway, onto funnier notes!
I got the stardoll NewsLetter today? I thoroughly read it. Properly, and I found things you didn't know about stardoll, please pass this info around to your friends. STARDIOLLIANS FIGHT BACK!
First off, They actually tell you what they will be doing next week. It's the count down to dooms day.. Personally, i think it's Trash, it kills the suspence. No pun intended ;)
But Hey! At least they got one thing right, My NAME.


Next, I have found where stardoll 'live'. They are based in SWEDEN. This explains the poor punctuation, and crap style... Im just sayin! Swedish people do dress w... weird.....'

BUT. Thanks to my excellent investigative skills, I GOOGLE MAPPED it. and guess what? I found it bitch. GOLD MINEEEE! Sorry about the writing, It's for coppyright purposes, so I don't get robbed of my find :3 It is the OFFICIAL. So yeah, go crazy with putting it on the blogsphere!

Lozzy OUT!

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