April 25, 2010

Fugly medoll cards(:

Okayy, so roaming aorund on stardoll, you can find some pretty weird stuff these days. And me and my dirty mind explored mwahaha! First of all, I find a WHOLE list of rofl-worthy fuc.me involved names, which picture is too censored on my computer to put up! Sorry about that, I bet you would have enjoyed reading through them hehe. Secondly, I searched the name ugly

and choice just a few to review, which names will remain anoymous due to affensive reasons, as we here at  Stardoll Rofl, HIGHLIGHT people, but not say mean stuff about them alrighty? Take a look at the people. I'm not quite sure if they are man or women, too hard to tell :P

- Leah [[Your master medoll rofler]]

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