April 06, 2010

ROFL. Don't look if easily offended.

Haha, I was looking through FROZTA 's clubs, and was surprised to see the rise in the number of members in his club DIRTYMINDS, We had a little chat about the sick, perverted 10 year old's that make porno-ish stories in their starblogs. I looked at the one and only topic in the club, and went to the commenter's suites - And then i came across this;;

Despite all of the times I've seen other discusting pictures, I've NEVER come across this one. - this one is just Hilarious though x) With the caption 'Ooooh yeeee' it made it worse.

It just needs a title over the heads, one saying 'Your mum' and the other one saying 'me'

The entry had been viewed nearly 90 times.

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