April 07, 2010

EXCLUSIVE rofl interview, haha(;

Hey! I was lucky enough to get an interview with one of our own writers. Pretty special huh?

If you haven't noticed Lozzy seems to have a bit of a fetish of black pants. And as we just discovered also black clothes too :P Because this is such an important issue i just had to interview her about it lmao (:

Here's the interview;

1. When did your fetish of black pants start?

1. When i joined up to stardoll, i bought my first pair of stardoll black skinny jeans with the folded up bottoms. You can so tell it was "2008 graphics" x)

2. Why do you have such an odd love for these pants?

2. um! black! haha, I don't wear black pants in real life, i don't think they look nice, but, THEY'RE BLACK! haha... because i love black... O.o ... black.. dark.. dark..black..

3. Do you wish to add more pants to your collection?

3. Yeah! , sure I do! , Well... I didn't really notice i had OCD for buying any black pants i see, untill i actually sorted my clothes out today! :P

4. Who do you think would be most inspired by your fettish of black pants/

4. There again, i don't know, i think it's something to do with the person, black being a very expressive colour, I think a random emo would do?

5. Is there anyone who would be jelous of your exclusive fettish of pants?

5. Who wouldn't be? haha, maybe some weird 10yo with 20 starpoints, with only 2 stardollars left :P Thats how bogan i am, i have 10 year old style x3

-Thanks for your time Lozzy. I know your under such high demand rofl xD
-As I am ever Jorja ;)

ROFL (: Bestest fettish everrrrrrrrrrrrrr (:
x- Jorja :P

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