April 18, 2010


lmao where did my post go? Well anywayz, imma repeat myself hehe!
Guess who's back?? Star is!!! Well I don't get called Star nowadays lmao, I go by Leah or Tiz, but to more important stuff, Lozzy gave me my job back! Thanks so much! I learned my lesson [[rofl]] and I actually am older, so your sure to be rolfing along with meh! I post of Friday and Thursday only, unless there is some severe rofling post needed in between :D I have been assigned some topics to write about, which are medoll faces and names, and club news that are worth rolling on the floor wetting your pants lmao!
So your sure to here some shizzle pop (I admit I'm random mwahaha!) soon from me! XD
- Leah

I'll be posting soonn :)

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