May 09, 2011

OC Troll Accounts...

Hey. I know I haven't been posting much :S So sorry. School is back on & everything ;s
Anways, ever since OriginalClub was been put non-private, there have been a lot of rude-named troll accounts.

Like these:

Like seriously... ? ..If you're like me and have the temptation to know if its a real website.. I should advise you not too.. it could be dangerous :L

Is it me, or is it the only bottom three of the troll accounts under 69 years old? Hmm... pedos these days -_-

May 01, 2011

haha, I'maa bish soz guys i been a bit slack...

It isn't equal if it's sometimes :)
Hey Ladies and Gents...
Pfftt... i wasn't gone?
So like how is everyone ? hope everyone had a good Easter (:
oh i have some funneh stuffs ;)I voted him/she cg/cb ahaha...
Seriously people like this need to get a life?Don't you just want to be like "FKKK OFFF!!!" ?
i have no money :( Damnn!
Anywayys guys it's all i have.. :) i will try not to be slack in the future x
love yous.. xxo
Have fun and thanks for reading... :)

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