July 29, 2010

I'm Sorry.

I know, I know. I'm a pathetic loser.
Since the makeover, I haven't found anything entertaining. I suck, I suck! Hate me now, my little kittens.
i'm going to try my best. I haven't posted in nearly a month. things have been so busy. But I am NOT leaving.

July 27, 2010

Thats Right Kiddiewinks, it's Mini back, I've been really busy with school and stuff but heres some stuff that I found.

Colourful Kittens and such.

Wow! What a great idea! Too bad Stardoll already invented doing that.

The dumb people these days....



Ladies And Gentleman.
May I present, The Girl,
Who has played stardoll for 1330 days.
the girl who everybody loves to hate..


Epic intro Fail..

Anyways.. I helping Frozzy in this rough time on the blog. [:

Later On dudes and dudettes.. xd

July 26, 2010


Hey guys, its me Frozzy. I made a new banner :).
If you're wondering, I did leave stardoll,
but only for like two days... epic fail xD.
I realised it was too hard not being able
to talk to my good friends, and I also
thought it would be too unfair on
the blog. Lozzy and Leah have officially
left. Ethan has only left stardoll but can
sometimes come on to post. Idk where
Mini and Charlie are? They havn't
been posting lately... So this blog is going
through a rough time, so just bare with us...
We will try and get it back to its normal
place soon :)
Anyways, going on to the FUNNY stuff... look at this kitten...
like seriously...

Stardoll gave it away free to the UK
members... (for a campaign thingy).
No wonder it's free! Look at it!
Who would want that wandering
around your suite? Like for cerial...

July 23, 2010


[[Leah Posting]]

Hey guys. Yes its official, I have left stardoll. I'm gone. And I'm sorry to announce that I am unable to post at the blogs anymore. Thankyou for such an amazing experience, you've all been great for me! Thankyou so much, but It's time to leave. I'm sorry :(
Miss youu all!
Leah xx

[[P.S Email mehh lees-98@hotmail.com. Only good friends!]]

July 20, 2010

Flash the floating old & huge head xD

Guess who this is?

Floating head :D

I wasn't in the mood for my banner, so I tried something differant.
Anyways, I was looking at my old pictures, seeing if I had any
that I forgot to post about... and I found this broadcast...

And below is sometyhing stardoll decided to call the 'Flash Print Tank'

FLASH! I wonder why they called it that?
Its freakin' seethrough! [You can see the coathanger under the shirt in the picture]

[Click piccys to enlarge]

Sorry For Thaaat.

Hey guys. Im back. Actually, I've been a back for a while now, just forgot to post :O. Well not really, just nothing funny ayy. Lozzy has left D: That sucks, she was the bestest :O Tied with everyone else :D lol. During the past week I have made an unsucessful competiton and spent all my 4oo stardollars on broadcasts for scenery and I didnt even get on the freaking list :/ That's annoying. I am back at school now, holidays finished on monday so I won't be able to post as much. I'm getting much more homework now, and I need to focus on school a bit more as I want to make it to year 1o :D. Haha. Well Stardoll is improving itself now. The makeover is much better than before... so come back Lozzy... lol. I am looking for funny things on stardoll every time I am on so don't worry, SDR is still humorous (I hope). Sadly most writers can't be on as much as we used to be D: But it'll be fine. So hope I gave you a clear idea of what's going on in the blog. I guess Lozzy's competition was cancelled (as she no longer writes here) so I will think about making a new one. That's all for now. From your awesome friend - Frozta

July 17, 2010

Im not gone forever! D:

No, i am not gone forever! i will still be able to uptade this blog at least 2 or 3 times a week :D thats the good news, but the bad news is im not going to be on stardoll, it is actrually a good thing for me, because i feel as if ive spent to much of my life on this game, and it is about time i quit. My presentation has more details so click here to see it.
thanks, Ethan

July 15, 2010

I've Left stardoll. For good.

Don't bother. I'm not coming back. :) xx Read my presentaiton, I love you all! Add my facebook..

July 14, 2010

Going Away....

Hey ROFL-ers. From the 16th to the 24th of July I will not be able to post. From today to the 19th I'm banned from the computer, and then from the 19th onwards I am going away to a camp for school. So I cant post, be on stardoll ect ect for that time! Sorry :(

Mayyy :D

July 11, 2010

Simply :O

Bahaha :O I told you I would make a funny post, and here it is! if you have played it before than don't bother, but still :D ok, may I introduce The Maze game! i dare you to play this game. so here is the link for it: http://www.fugly.com/flash/709/Scary_Maze-game.html

Ok first do what it tells you, because i said do it! now al you need to do is consentrate really hard, i mean really hard. try to guide the blue dot which is controlled by your mouse, to the end of the maze that is coulored in red, but dont touch the walls! this might take a while, but it is really fun! try your hardest to at least get up to level 4, the more levels you get done the more better! Ok now i should see you consentrating really hard, and your head should be very close to the computer screen! It should also be scilent in the room your in! it is important that it is scilent.
Have you finnished yet? If you haven't stop looking at this post and go do as i say! your not allowed to cheat!
-Finished, but still nothing?-
Well if you haven't experienced anything yet then here's another one for you :D go to this link straight away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jkJmcgkDLI
Make sure your volume is up super louud so you can hear the awesome sound effects, and music. It sounds better if you do this. It's important you do because it is not the same if you don't. So once again go do as i say!
Ok now look really closely, what do you see? you tell me Im not telling you what I see. you figure it out yourself :D
finished? Bahahaha! :O scary isnt it?
-Nope, still nothing-
Well if you haven't you have some serious problems, so here is the last time im going to try! phew, this is a hard job lol :D ok here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztDiJl8ajE
Now, all you need to do is watch, make sure your volume is still up loud, there is no sound or scary bits in this one. the only reason why i think it is scary because imagine if you were there and all of a sudden that happend? it would be scay eh?
Well that's it! hope you liked it :D tell me everything you expirenced in the comments! can't wait to read what you have to say! sorry, I know Im a post hogger lol i like typing alot! hope you read up to here :D
Ok anyway, thanks
- Ethan :D

July 10, 2010

Just letting ya know...

Hey guys this is frozzy. If you hav been wondering whz i havnt been posting it is because my computer is kinda broken. I am writing this on my fone. Stil cnt believe i hav credit left lmao. Oh and the makeover has finishd... IT looks so dimemted on my crappy fone, hopefuly its nt like that on computer? Anyways i should be back posting soon... Just thought i shud let ya know :D

You're in Jersey Shore, NOW PAL!

When I was looking at May's picture, when I saw this sexy animal. Isn't he sexy? I love his name even more.

Sorry for not posting. My stepfather CANCELED our internet, so I couldn't get on. Now I have cable AND internet. So I'm back! Woo hoo!

-Charlie Tree

July 09, 2010

Okayokay, So now we're getting PERSONAL? Stardoll, You're out of order.

Okay, im pissed. This shit is serious.

Stardoll, You refuse to let me express myself, I currently have a headache due to the amount of FUCKING PINK You used on the new layout, get it? , I HAVE A HEADACHE, the writing is WAY too SMALL and my BEST FRIENDS' are randomers i dont even care about, and i have no will to change it, thanks for freaking RUINING it, the site is no longer about 'fame fashion friends' its 'small gimics, small writing, small gratitude, small guyishness' It's a shame they've completely wrecked it for the OLDER users, Im sorry it's now a 10 year old's site.

Would you like something funny? Maybe slightly sarcastic? Or maybe it's just going to be plain MEAN. Because stardoll are way out of line with their wording, whatever happened to 'Temporarily unavailable'

Don't message me, I've got a headache.

Makeover, :D

As Lozzy was saying, you log in and you get that picture she has below.
But apparently, you can go to www.stardoll.com/en/dolls-games
And you cant log in, but you can see what it's gonna be like!

Pretty darn colourful :P
Sorry this isnt a ROFL-ing post, just showing you something!

Since WHEN eh?

Heyyy stunners! I Just got back from a sleepover with the one girl will actually have sleepovers with, I have black hair now, Im so sexy ;D

If you havn't yet noticed, DAH, the make-over is currently being enscripted onto stardoll, but I've been waiting over... lets say a few.. minutes now, for it to farking LOAD....

So will tard-doll being down, I took to the stardollblog (www.stardollblog.com) to see what the hell they were playing at, and glanced upon the Poll,
Meh', Freaking 'Meh', Since when did the 54 year old virgins that work at stardoll say 'MEH'?!?!. :/ Tryharddddddddd much!

July 08, 2010

Im gone...

Hey :] just me, no im not gone from this blog, or Tardoll! im just here to tell you that i am going for 5 days, i wont be able to post or log on to Tardoll, i havent been on in a couple of days either because i am so busy lately, so sorry about that everyone :\ but i cant wait until im back :D so while im gone could i ask lozzy or frozzy log on to my account and look after it? i know its a short time but it would be a hudge favor, thanks :]
seya all soon,
Oh and have a good time without me everyone :D I will have loads of funny ideas to post about once im back! :D i know im pretty bad with this post bringing all the funny posts below and making them sound boring from this post, but dont worry! you'll be shiting your pants laughing when i come back :D bahahahahahaha! sound scary yet? >:D

Excuse me.. theres a spongebob on yer head!

Hardy-har-har! I went visiting/stalking [mwahahaa] and found a girl called LeSpongeBob. She must have taken a few hours to finish that 'do! :D

'May' I say? :]

July 07, 2010

Hey Granny [:

Okay, as you can see I have a retarded little banner, coz I decided
I need to make a new one, and I might as well make a new one
while I make a new one... confused yet? Well like the banner says,
it's just temporary. ROFL. Anyways... I was in this blogs club,
StardollROFL [Join if you havn't ;D] and one of the members
caught my eye... It seems that YOUR.OLD.GRANNY is on
stardoll :] So get her a nice cup'o tea, and invite her to your
suite ... haha. Well this is what she looks like.............

Pretty SEXY dont ya think? Back off people,
she's mine!! [Sorry Mickie...] ;D
And this is what her presentation looks like...
not as SEXY as the 'wonder-woman' herself...

She's the real one ayy? :P

Okay, you're probably sick of me by now,
my bordness has been shown to you all
due to how much I've been typing....
'Happy Holidays Muchkins'
...Nah that was just me ... :D

Stardoll... blog? :| They had to kill it.

Sexy, new, Ladygaga inspired banner... Jelaous much! this is STILL Only a temp. banner :)Hey! :D I know, I haven't posted anything FUNNY since whenever, but it's because stardoll are being to ... uhm? Weird.. and new.. and WEIRD.

}: Stardoll have a BLOG now, My prediction ? The SD Blogging phenomenon (Damn that's a good word! ;D) will slowly die down, and stardoll will take over the blogging of things that are happening, ruining the small blogs that post about... everything on stardoll. Don't worry, we ain't gonna let those suckers take our laughs away ;)

To be honest, I'm really farking excited about the new-look stardoll is going to be taking on, .. but they didn't have to be so offencive to poor Maggie Gylenhaal..

What are you implying stardoll?!

TBH. She does need a makeover ;D and a new name.. Who is she anyway?! I'd rather a Kid Cudi Doll! Hahas ;) WHO SUGGESTED HER? :s

Im out! Buh-bye ;)

July 05, 2010

So you wanna dress like THIS?

Wow. This is a little sad! That article made me pmsl!

No offence to Britney fans.

In other news, you can now put the LENGTH mascara on the eyes I have.

Competition - SDR's FIRST! :D

Hey! Read the title? Yep, Our first comp` is coming!

I don't know if you've heard, but about it, but every 2/3 days, we have dilemma's with the play list... So we're putting it you YOU to make us a new play list of 20 songs. To Submit into the contest;;

Write your stardoll name below in a comment,
Send an e-mail to Lozzyyy@hotmail.com with your 20 songs and Stardoll nickname attached.
I will reply letting you know if you are in the final 3 to be picked and narrowed down to the winner.

At the end of the week, We will announce the winner, They will receive; 35 stardollars, Their play list published on the blog with full copyrights and name on top of the play list - Not to mention the One-time Posting opportunity :D

Please enter! If we have less than 15 entrants, the Competition will close and no one will win.

Love, the SDR Team.

Man Lozzy's Friends Are Hot... Buys :D

I was bored so I decided to give our friend Lozzy a visit,
only to realise that 6 of her 'best friends' are wearing
the 'Hot Buys' hair thingy [;

Including 'May' (who writes here) and Jorja (ex-ROFLer) [:

July 04, 2010

hahaha x]

hahahahahhahah :D nothing x]

just random posting :D i willz pozt zome laterz oh and lozzy i will send you [on stardoll] my email for the contact thingy .

-Ethan x]


Yuss my banner uploaded this time! :D



Stoner. xD


Ok. I'm so mad with the PC right now!!

First of all, it wont let me upload my banner!

Secondly, I had finished my suite, than all of a sudden Tardoll refreshes... :(

And thirdly, now Tardoll isn't loading.

Anyways, look at this!

Just three letters... WTF
No edits by the way.
And here ... the most SHOCKING of em all.
This is the doll 'Lauri (the Rasmus).
Well first of all, he's got FEATHERS in his hair....
Next, he has CHESTHAIR.
And then, he has disgusting GRANNY sweatshirts.
Personally, I think he looks like a stoned Adam Lambert.


July 03, 2010


Hey! Guess what? I've got a coppy of wat stardoll will look like :) StardollROFL.blogspot.com EXCLUSIVE... Take a look! Click the enlarge :))
I love it! x I will be releasing untouched coppy's to people who want to pay for it, 8stardollars only, Thanks to OwlPal (Courtney,) Who let me in on the info xx Click her stardoll name to go to her suite! x

July 02, 2010

Nobody loves me today :\

*sigh* nobody loves me today :[ look at everyone today i dont think its funny!

haha jokes!, i ment is everyone ok today? everyone is in a cranky mood today. Heres what i wrote for everyone:
TinkerTayzbell: ahhhhhhh! wow she is by far the scaryest
Berlin44: is she drunk? :D
Nice_guy8: uhhh..... Wicked hair :D
KittyKoolChick: that smile is scary
Sk8erboy: im sad :[ everyones looking at me scaryley?
Frozta: frozzy, yay you didnt give me the look :D
A123U456: amirah whats wrong?
LozzyMonkey: lozzy why are you giving me the look?
shadow-4-: dont you look at me like that >:[
2pac4lyf: wow your face is strong? are you ok?
DJ2COOL: bitch, how dare you give me the look
pink_xx: then comes her :\ a little bit scary. only a little not!
and there you have it. all my friends know how to make a person feel good dont they? :D
- Ethan :]




Text written* ;;

" Big Makeover 2010!

It's time for a new look, that's why very soon, Stardoll will be getting a BIG MAKEOVER!Bigger and better than before, the new Stardoll will put you in the spotlight, be easier for you to navigate and more fun for you to play at - thanks to the new larger playing experience. Although everything will look new, fresh and cool, the things you already know and love about Stardoll will still be there - plus a lot more! So keep checking this page in the near future for more exciting news about the Big Stardoll Makeover!"

There's an FAQ and everything! D: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I hope it looks good, and Tard-doll doesn't stuff it up, like everything they do...

The StardollROFL Notice Board

Things You Need To Know [:
-Mini is the only active poster
-Lozzy is the rightful owner of stardollrofl.blogspot.com


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For feedback/questions, contact us personaly or in our CBOX.