July 02, 2010

I can make you look hawt ;]

hey, its me again :] today i was so bored apart from that Ugly girl :D so i decided to make myself as pretty as ever, even prettyer than her! so i just slopped on makup and made my shexy dress with random clothes :D i think it looked shexy dont you?

it costs how much?! D: oh well not this time.. I know how to make a person look pretty agian, like me! dont you think?

Hold on, wait a minuite whan i was slopping on makup i reconised somthing.. hmmm..

Dosent this remind you of someone? :D

it reminds me of that really scary moehawk lady who sings Bulletprof, hahahaha :D

she scares the crap out of me, no lie do you see how she walks in the music video, with her personal shexy swishhy moehawk, and hard core makup :D is she ment to look soft, hard? or even retarted? who knows.. but i got to attmit that song is catchy :D so what do you think?

- posted by your best Bulletprof monster, Ethan :]

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