July 09, 2010

Okayokay, So now we're getting PERSONAL? Stardoll, You're out of order.

Okay, im pissed. This shit is serious.

Stardoll, You refuse to let me express myself, I currently have a headache due to the amount of FUCKING PINK You used on the new layout, get it? , I HAVE A HEADACHE, the writing is WAY too SMALL and my BEST FRIENDS' are randomers i dont even care about, and i have no will to change it, thanks for freaking RUINING it, the site is no longer about 'fame fashion friends' its 'small gimics, small writing, small gratitude, small guyishness' It's a shame they've completely wrecked it for the OLDER users, Im sorry it's now a 10 year old's site.

Would you like something funny? Maybe slightly sarcastic? Or maybe it's just going to be plain MEAN. Because stardoll are way out of line with their wording, whatever happened to 'Temporarily unavailable'

Don't message me, I've got a headache.

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