July 07, 2010

Stardoll... blog? :| They had to kill it.

Sexy, new, Ladygaga inspired banner... Jelaous much! this is STILL Only a temp. banner :)Hey! :D I know, I haven't posted anything FUNNY since whenever, but it's because stardoll are being to ... uhm? Weird.. and new.. and WEIRD.

}: Stardoll have a BLOG now, My prediction ? The SD Blogging phenomenon (Damn that's a good word! ;D) will slowly die down, and stardoll will take over the blogging of things that are happening, ruining the small blogs that post about... everything on stardoll. Don't worry, we ain't gonna let those suckers take our laughs away ;)

To be honest, I'm really farking excited about the new-look stardoll is going to be taking on, .. but they didn't have to be so offencive to poor Maggie Gylenhaal..

What are you implying stardoll?!

TBH. She does need a makeover ;D and a new name.. Who is she anyway?! I'd rather a Kid Cudi Doll! Hahas ;) WHO SUGGESTED HER? :s

Im out! Buh-bye ;)

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