July 08, 2010

Im gone...

Hey :] just me, no im not gone from this blog, or Tardoll! im just here to tell you that i am going for 5 days, i wont be able to post or log on to Tardoll, i havent been on in a couple of days either because i am so busy lately, so sorry about that everyone :\ but i cant wait until im back :D so while im gone could i ask lozzy or frozzy log on to my account and look after it? i know its a short time but it would be a hudge favor, thanks :]
seya all soon,
Oh and have a good time without me everyone :D I will have loads of funny ideas to post about once im back! :D i know im pretty bad with this post bringing all the funny posts below and making them sound boring from this post, but dont worry! you'll be shiting your pants laughing when i come back :D bahahahahahaha! sound scary yet? >:D

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