July 04, 2010

Stoner. xD


Ok. I'm so mad with the PC right now!!

First of all, it wont let me upload my banner!

Secondly, I had finished my suite, than all of a sudden Tardoll refreshes... :(

And thirdly, now Tardoll isn't loading.

Anyways, look at this!

Just three letters... WTF
No edits by the way.
And here ... the most SHOCKING of em all.
This is the doll 'Lauri (the Rasmus).
Well first of all, he's got FEATHERS in his hair....
Next, he has CHESTHAIR.
And then, he has disgusting GRANNY sweatshirts.
Personally, I think he looks like a stoned Adam Lambert.



  1. they made the feathers because Lauri actually used them as an accessory. I think they look nice and creative, at least it's not like all the other dolls that look the same..

  2. Lead singer of The Rasmus


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