July 07, 2010

Hey Granny [:

Okay, as you can see I have a retarded little banner, coz I decided
I need to make a new one, and I might as well make a new one
while I make a new one... confused yet? Well like the banner says,
it's just temporary. ROFL. Anyways... I was in this blogs club,
StardollROFL [Join if you havn't ;D] and one of the members
caught my eye... It seems that YOUR.OLD.GRANNY is on
stardoll :] So get her a nice cup'o tea, and invite her to your
suite ... haha. Well this is what she looks like.............

Pretty SEXY dont ya think? Back off people,
she's mine!! [Sorry Mickie...] ;D
And this is what her presentation looks like...
not as SEXY as the 'wonder-woman' herself...

She's the real one ayy? :P

Okay, you're probably sick of me by now,
my bordness has been shown to you all
due to how much I've been typing....
'Happy Holidays Muchkins'
...Nah that was just me ... :D

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