July 20, 2010

Sorry For Thaaat.

Hey guys. Im back. Actually, I've been a back for a while now, just forgot to post :O. Well not really, just nothing funny ayy. Lozzy has left D: That sucks, she was the bestest :O Tied with everyone else :D lol. During the past week I have made an unsucessful competiton and spent all my 4oo stardollars on broadcasts for scenery and I didnt even get on the freaking list :/ That's annoying. I am back at school now, holidays finished on monday so I won't be able to post as much. I'm getting much more homework now, and I need to focus on school a bit more as I want to make it to year 1o :D. Haha. Well Stardoll is improving itself now. The makeover is much better than before... so come back Lozzy... lol. I am looking for funny things on stardoll every time I am on so don't worry, SDR is still humorous (I hope). Sadly most writers can't be on as much as we used to be D: But it'll be fine. So hope I gave you a clear idea of what's going on in the blog. I guess Lozzy's competition was cancelled (as she no longer writes here) so I will think about making a new one. That's all for now. From your awesome friend - Frozta

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