July 05, 2010

Competition - SDR's FIRST! :D

Hey! Read the title? Yep, Our first comp` is coming!

I don't know if you've heard, but about it, but every 2/3 days, we have dilemma's with the play list... So we're putting it you YOU to make us a new play list of 20 songs. To Submit into the contest;;

Write your stardoll name below in a comment,
Send an e-mail to Lozzyyy@hotmail.com with your 20 songs and Stardoll nickname attached.
I will reply letting you know if you are in the final 3 to be picked and narrowed down to the winner.

At the end of the week, We will announce the winner, They will receive; 35 stardollars, Their play list published on the blog with full copyrights and name on top of the play list - Not to mention the One-time Posting opportunity :D

Please enter! If we have less than 15 entrants, the Competition will close and no one will win.

Love, the SDR Team.

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