July 09, 2010

Since WHEN eh?

Heyyy stunners! I Just got back from a sleepover with the one girl will actually have sleepovers with, I have black hair now, Im so sexy ;D

If you havn't yet noticed, DAH, the make-over is currently being enscripted onto stardoll, but I've been waiting over... lets say a few.. minutes now, for it to farking LOAD....

So will tard-doll being down, I took to the stardollblog (www.stardollblog.com) to see what the hell they were playing at, and glanced upon the Poll,
Meh', Freaking 'Meh', Since when did the 54 year old virgins that work at stardoll say 'MEH'?!?!. :/ Tryharddddddddd much!

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