July 02, 2010

Nobody loves me today :\

*sigh* nobody loves me today :[ look at everyone today i dont think its funny!

haha jokes!, i ment is everyone ok today? everyone is in a cranky mood today. Heres what i wrote for everyone:
TinkerTayzbell: ahhhhhhh! wow she is by far the scaryest
Berlin44: is she drunk? :D
Nice_guy8: uhhh..... Wicked hair :D
KittyKoolChick: that smile is scary
Sk8erboy: im sad :[ everyones looking at me scaryley?
Frozta: frozzy, yay you didnt give me the look :D
A123U456: amirah whats wrong?
LozzyMonkey: lozzy why are you giving me the look?
shadow-4-: dont you look at me like that >:[
2pac4lyf: wow your face is strong? are you ok?
DJ2COOL: bitch, how dare you give me the look
pink_xx: then comes her :\ a little bit scary. only a little not!
and there you have it. all my friends know how to make a person feel good dont they? :D
- Ethan :]

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